What is the difference between VoLTE and 5G?

These are two completely different things and a comparison is not really possible.

VoLTE is the abbreviation of Voice over LTE and describes how to transmit voice information over the LTE mobile network.Early entrants to LTE smartphones may remember that at the beginning of an incoming phone call, the Internet connection was interrupted and only resumed after the phone call had ended. This was because phone via LTE was simply not intended and the phone for the phone call just quickly switched to GSM (other, older mobile technology) to handle the call and then in the end was switched back to LTE and we went on with the Internet.

Only later was VoLTE introduced and thus the possibility to make the telephone call over the LTE network.Now there was no need to switch and the Internet continued to run during the call, albeit a little slower, because the VoLTE packets took precedence.

That brings us to 5G. 5G is a standard for a mobile network.Such a standard describes at which frequencies are sent, with which bandwidths, with what performance, with how large the data packets are, how to prevent/recognize packets colliding with each other, which error detection/error correction measures modulation methods, etc. Usf..

Before 5G, these mobile technologies were given some poetic names, such as LTE, which is the abbreviation of Long Term Evolution.In addition, the technologies have always been numbered. Thus, LTE is the fourth standard and has therefore always been referred to as 4G (G = generation). If we go back further, we have 3Gor UMTS (U niversal Mobile Telecommunications System) before 2G or GSM (G lobal System for Mobile Communications) and 1G, which is the very first Mobile phone technology has not yet been given a special name 🙂

What we all have in common is that, in general, two mobile telephony standards are not compatible with each other.This means that 3G requires different frequencies, modulation methods and encodings such as 2G or 4G. This means that for each new technology you need a different hardware and have to put in a lot of effort in order to continue to support the older standards. That’s why 1G has been switched off for a long time and 3G will follow soon.

What does the introduction of 5G mean for us consumers?

In the beginning only the need to buy a new mobile phone and otherwise you will have little added value of it.One of the main reasons for the introduction of 5G is thus additionally possible services in the industry such as the control of all machines in a production hall wirelessly instead of laying a lot of cables as before. Or the possibility of vehicles talking to each other in traffic and coordinating your actions …

The possible higher speeds will probably flow into these areas first and only later will we ‘Otto normal consumers’ come.With the first expansion of the networks, only the absolutely necessary hardware upgrades will probably take place and the retrofits necessary for higher speeds for higher transmission power will – I fear – probably come later. If you are not prevented by lawsuits.

I hope I haven’t laughed too much now and you know why one has little to do with the other.

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