What is the difference between the education of today and the one you got?

I find the question a bit problematic in principle, because no one today and earlier has enjoyed an education first-hand, but only once in the past.Education takes place a lot in private and the few insights you get into the education of other children of today are only excerpts. It is therefore questionable whether this can really be assessed without extensive studies.

You can also read this beautifully in the quotation from Socrates:

Today’s youth loves luxury.

She has bad manners, despises authority, has no respect for the elderly and swears where she should work. Young people no longer get up when older people enter the room. They contradict their parents, swear in society, devour the desserts at the table, lay their legs on top of each other and tyrannize their teachers.

Seems familiar to you, doesn’t it?But it’s been more than 2000 years.

The only thing I can judge is what education I received in the past and which I give to my child today, which are already two fundamentally different perspectives: once taking – giving once.And even in the past there were already big differences in the education between the families.

First of all, my parents did their thing very well and I adopted many practices.For example, we still have clear rules that are consistently enforced. We eat together. If there is a dispute, we reconcile before going to sleep or before someone leaves the house. Adults are polite and much more …

But here we need the differences.

  • My parents were children of war and had to experience suffering and hunger.

That’s why I always had to eat my plate. I always had to try every meal at least, even though I already knew that I didn’t like it. My taste could have changed… If I didn’t want to eat, I had to listen to the fact that in Africa the children would be happy about such a plate of Brussels sprouts. Even today, I can’t leave anything on my plate. As a result, I often eat too much and have weight problems accordingly. My daughter, on the other hand, only needs to eat as much as she feels. And I don’t blame my daughter for the fact that the food on earth is unfortunately very unfairly distributed.

  • As children, it was still common for us to be physically “chastened”.
  • There has been a slap in the face of serious offences or one of the butts has been shaved. That definitely doesn’t exist in our family anymore.

  • Before school I was often told: “We don’t teach you that, because otherwise you get bored later in school” I was also gladly denied the answer to questions with the words “You are still too small for this.”
  • My daughter gets an answer to all the questions. always. Even if it gets a bit more complicated. And yes, sometimes the answer is “Treasure, I don’t know.”

  • I would have liked to have learned a musical instrument as a child, we just never had the money for teaching.
  • My daughter is now learning the piano.

  • We used to travel a lot by caravan through Europe.
  • I have seen many impressions from other countries that I can still tell about today. For private reasons, we are currently unable to travel much with our daughter.

  • We used to be left alone and had to deal with ourselves.
  • That is what we did. This is often the case today, but not to the extent that I remember it in the past. But it may also be because I had a sister that I could deal with “in case of need”. My daughter, on the other hand, is an only child. For this we have read much more from books.

  • I went to kindergarten as a child.
  • My daughter was at home for the first few years and completely missed the kindergarten.

  • We used to have only guinea pigs and rabbits as pets and only for a while.
  • Today our household includes two cats and a dog was also there for a while. Cats and dogs are much more great pets 😉

  • I was actually an introverted child.
  • But at school I was forced to get out of myself more than I actually wanted. The school is not fundamentally different today. But I have the impression that in the school that my daughter is going to today, a little more attention is being taken into account for the individual characteristics of the children.

  • As a child, I got a metal kit and a railway.
  • My daughter, on the other hand, learns to deal with computers and electronics. Hmm, maybe I should go to the attic …

  • My parents couldn’t prepare me for life in secondary school.
  • They themselves have made little progress beyond primary school. I had to find my way around myself. I hope to be able to help my daughter a little more.

  • We used to have to get the teachers in the primary school.
  • Today, it is obviously not seen so closely. People have said, “I have a question for you, Mrs Mayer”.

  • Today, there are more support programmes for students, both those who are not so good and those who are better than most.
  • So, that’s what it’s supposed to be.There’s certainly more, but I just can’t think of anything else.

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