What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom and which is more important?

If you are intelligent you know that someone else is a stupid sucker.

If you are wise you know that the other is not a stupid sucker, that you can learn from him and that you are a stupid sucker.

Intelligence is most important in finding solutions to complex problems.

To know if that solution is real, feasible and desirable, wisdom is the most important.

Intelligence has to make speed and using your head, your ratio.A person who is intelligent learns faster, has situations faster, can quickly fathom complex problems, weigh decisions, and so on. A less intelligent person may come to the same conclusions, but with him or her it will take longer. Intelligence usually has to do with facts.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is not in your head, but in your heart and seeks solutions based on insight, intuition and sensitivity, using past experiences, to find successful paths where facts are usually absent.Think of moral, social, romantic or other areas, where feelings of people and issues of good and evil are central. A wise solution is usually also very practical and also testifies to a high degree of common sense. Wisdom is usually higher than intelligence valued because there are many intelligent people and relatively few people who possess wisdom!

Intelligence is the ability to solve problems.If you are wise, you also loosen them up.

With just intelligence you become a species that sooner or later leaves its own environment destroyed.

Wisdom is there to keep intelligence within limits!

Good other answers.

I myself would intelligently switch under ‘ Look beyond your nose long/beyond your primary emotion and (quickly) rusted presuppositions ‘ [Analysis and Wisdom under ‘ by Shame and damage, by success and applause, to give an answer to it for others Not everyday ‘ [experience.

You could add them (in these definitions): and smart and also wise: I would listen to it.

For both of them I would stay far away from ‘ the fallen bookshelves/the encyclopedias learned from the head ‘.Usually not intelligent and/or wise, but competitive betweters.

Whether I would go to an intelligent or a wise person lies with the type of problem: A bridge I would like to design by a clever person, a difficult diplomatic situation I would like to suggest a wise person.

Being Intelligent means having a high IQ.This means that you have received these genes. Being wise means that in difficult situations you know how to react. This is not just about logical thinking, but also about being able to behave wisely if there is a conflict. This will probably not be the same, but for example, If you have a high IQ, they might be intelligent, but not yet sensible

Intelligence can answer this question.

Wisdom is to read the answers and say “oh what an interesting angle”.

… Hot weather today huh?…

A person who can appoint himself intelligently, because a majority of this is convinced and provides the certification and title of “Intelligence”, is in many cases also a person, who has his or her focus on various case better in full Concentration can convert.Someone who is more mentally creative in nature is also distracted quicker, purely because the stimulation of full interest is simply not present and therefore no focus can be retained.

Wisdom has been developed from enumerations of experiences in life, relativation and the build-up in the full self-confidence of man.Hence also the saying, “Wisdom comes with the years”

A person who is wise in the popularly also often brings the knowledge and developed vision from personal experiences to someone who can find a learning process of his or her own experiences.

Intelligence concerns a very large grey area in my personal opinion.Someone who is university graduate is not necessarily intelligent but has more affinity and focus in the theory of what he or she is programmed into. We are often inclined to grant someone a title of intelligence, if we feel that the same can never be matched, so intelligence has a form of a suppressive nature. Wisdom there and against has more a respectful form of exelation to the person, which we find also wise to happen.

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