What is the difference between identity and entity? (In terms of meaning, but also philosophically spoken)

An entity is nothing but one thing.Something that exists can be called an entity. The word comes from the Latin ‘ entitas ‘ which means it is a being. What can be considered philosophically all to the entities is a long and complicated discussion. I will not go into this entirely. To give an idea: are the trees that we observe daily in our garden really self-existing things or is it nothing less than a construct of our minds? It is therefore the question whether things that are in the outside world can be counted among the entities.

An identity is what is attributed to an entity.I do not know for sure but I have the idea that the word identity originates from its origin in the combination of the Greek word ιδειν and the word entity comes off. ιδειν means seeing and the meaning of entity state here above Reed explained. Identity would then mean how an entity is seen. An identity is the image belonging to an entity. An identity is not fixed. An identity can change if the entity that the identity belongs to changes.

Entity and entity ID depends on perspective:

Id entity is the consciousness of self of the appointment/entity (so seen from the inside).

Entity is the consciousness of the designation from outside out.

I = Identity

You = entity (for me, but when I say it triggers your identity directly).

First the definitions:

Entity-15 Definitions-Encyclo

Identity-21 Definitions-Encyclo

The definitions then show the difference: the identity can always be appointed and assigned, the entity does not.An entity may be called ‘ spirit ‘ or ‘ ghost appearance ‘, the identity is tangible in the form of an identity document, an entity is a more intangible notion.

Philosophically, identity is how we ourselves and how others see us, where we or they identify us (in the sense of comparison).The entity is philosophically more difficult to appoint. The entity exists, but cannot easily manifest and/or express itself. Some see the entity, others can not see or willeen. An entity also cannot identify itself (in the sense of making known, or proving who it is).

Entity relates to being physical while identity is a meta-physical understanding.

Who am I, what is my purpose and existence.

I think therefore I am and exist I is the personal identity.

Identity as a sense of unity are the values that one shares.

Entity correlates to the existence that manifests itself in being an identity.

An entity is a more objective way of referring to something.As an entity, you are a human or a chemical process, which you prefer. An identity is a subjective way to refer to yourself. Your identity is selectable, you can decide for yourself whether you identify with a belief or a nation (or whatever). For example, the difference is also in the way we speak about it: the question of what kind of entity your cat is (provided it is more specifically asked) can you look up the answer and a discussion should be a winner. But a discussion about your cat’s identity will be a little more vivid.

I know the word entity as synonymous for spirit.The Latin word man also means spirit (see the saying man sana in Corpore sana). We are all spirits who live in the body that is given us at birth with the implicit task of caring for it so that it can provide us with a pleasant home for as long as possible.

Every spirit, every man, possesses identity, otherwise he would not even be recognizable.For example, that you possess language and can talk to others, already indicates that you own it. Everyone who is Dutch and speaks, in any case, has in part a Dutch identity.

The spirit I am, in this life, may use a male body.That body has certain needs, emotions and motivations that my mind recognizes as typically masculine and responds to it. As a human being, Mind (entity) and body form a symbiosis, these two are the main constituents of my identity.

The identity itself is very complex, so everyone has a national, sexual, ethnic, spiritual and culinary identity: your preferences.So far here.

As a programmer I see an entity as a thing (or as a group name).An identity as an individual. In this case, an entity would be human, and the identity: Céline Décamps

Whether this is actually the same as how philosophers look at it, I don’t know.

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