What is the difference between heavier and sluggish mass?

What is inertia and mass?
What is the difference between heavy and sluggish?

Well, heavy people are quite sluggish and woe betide them once they get into the aisles, then they are not so easy to stop because they are overwhelmed by their own mass, which prevents them from reacting quickly to changes, which we also call inertia.The ‘heavy’ hanging is a phrase without any claim to weight or intellectual mass. The really heavy thing about it is just comprehension. The here‘important’ also comes from weighing up and leaves this answer here only virtually related to weight.White mold and heavy mass are just an unnecessary choice of words, as well as a confusing one, the latter being more important.

Inertia in physics is specifically the speed of a reaction of a change in the directions of the inner movement, with which a material object can react to an external change in the general direction of its movement.The size of this property is determined by the amount of its spatial volume of the gravitational field of its effects, wherein such a field is usually also referred to as resting mass, which represents both its own object gravity and its own electromagnetic complement.

But what is a material object, what is mass, and what distinguishes inertia in such a way that it must be marked with its own name?

In the following description I start from a material object, which is similar to an electron the basic object of my contemplation.

So inertia is not the same as its mass, but it is the speed of its delay until something happens, which also shows that a distance and time is involved in this fact.Considering that the object is actually a point, the standard model of physics does not even wonder where this distance and time comes from.

So what I am describing here is certainly not the wisdom of the standard model, but is my own considerations, which I believe do not belong ignored.But in no way do I contradict any physical laws, but I just call on them to take them into account in such a way that you also understand the WHY – you don’t have to do it at the same time mathematical acrobatics in order to totally be in the nirvana of physics. to get lost.

So it is the loss of a certain distance and time that the object needs for its inner movement, which then prevents it from moving at the speed of light, because so not all parts of the object work together in the same direction to move forward.

As an example, you can consider a carriage pulled by two horses and a horse constantly running in all sorts of changing directions, just not straight.So it should be clear that the carriage does not advance at the maximum speed. And that restless horse is the inertia and the radius of the horse’s freedom of movement is the mass. Thus, mass is the possible field that characterizes the object in space as a gravitational distortion or distortion. Curvature.

And again we are there, where no one understands anything, because the standard model is silent about it or.not mentioned and not explained. Now I have to describe how the object is to be understood in space, how it is characterized.

In order to recognize an object in space, the room must be marked.This label is a point where the three dimensions we know (the 3D plane) curve into a fourth dimension (the 4D plane). As a result, the 3D layer gets a lot smaller, and then reappears at the 4D level and everything gets bigger there. That curvature determines a radius, that was the leash of the horse, which determines his freedom of movement. So the carriage is the matter.

What is matter and what distinguishes it from the mass?

Matter is a substantial cause with different effects, which can consist of only one particle (singular) or as a composite of several particles (plural).

Space is the concretely substantial medium that can be characterized in such a way that we can then understand it as an object of our contemplation, whose characteristic properties we distinguish and divide into groups, because it is of many special differences, which in turn are still described by many combinations of the not completely understood inner processes of movement.

The main difference lies in the mass and the associated concrete separability from an ordinary photon, which, due to the lack of detectability of the mass, must be classified as a basic model that has no internal movement that is of the direction of movement. what we might call inertia or mass.

The gluon, for example, makes the exception, because it is also only a photon that shows that even several particles involved mark the usual term ‘matter’ as a composite, whereby the group of fermions describes only the singular particles and the rest of the other Groupings should always be considered in the plural with other singular and/or multiple ponds.This is the bonitistic model of matter, the model of the standard model of physics has long since been obsolete.

The property of mass and the object matter can capture and calculate the standard model, but cannot yet explain it, because the connection has not yet been recognized, but it is agreed that the model of imagination is obviously not the problem is suitable to solve.

Therefore, you should not expect an answer, as you can usually fish them out of the Internet, but it is my most own interpretation of the known facts.

The first most important fact is that only matter has mass, and both are often equated.But on the one hand matter is the present object and on the other hand the mass is its future effect on movement in a gravitational field. Therefore, mass cannot be attractive because it is not a thing, but matter is the thing that is attractive.

Matter also has other effects besides mass, including the gravitational and thus also the electromagnetic, as well as the inner spin, whereby this is now again associated with movement, from which also the mass originates.There is therefore an inner movement, which must in any case represent a hindrance to the straight forward direction of the object. For a spin would certainly not be detectable if the inner directions of the movements all showed in the same direction.

And it is precisely with this direction of movement that we will have an instrument with which we can explain the disability.We also know this as inertia, i.e. to oppose the speed of light. Because if two horses pull on a cart but run in different directions, then the car will probably never be able to reach the maximum possible speed. And that is exactly what the mass should be.

But there was still this effect in a field of gravity.For mass, in other words, the rotating inner movement, does not represent the whole lot, but its special effect in a gravitational field. And that particular effect is the constant repetition of movement in a limited field of possible effects determined by the radius of its frequency. Gravity always affects movements only, whereby the distances towards the gravitational centre are always shorter and if the inner movements of the object constantly pass through the shorter distances, then this becomes the difference in the length of the distances towards gravitational Centre.

But there was also the increase in mass and speed at the end.The increase is merely the better alignment of the inner movements in a common direction and these can only be effected by other gravitational fields. The remarkable thing, however, is the enduring character of the direction of movement. Because the moving object retains this changed inner direction of the movements, because there are no resetting effects of its own. And with this, an as yet uninterpreted effect on what the whole world is looking for shows. It is another way of transmitting the alternating effects, i.e. not the effect altered by quantum, but the effect of a changed direction.

In concrete terms, this means that the search for the gravitational is illusory and the 2.type of interaction is transmitted without substance.This is just described here is actually a sensation, but it is collectively ignored, you experience it live, never a layman will come and show the stinkfinger to the entire physical faculties.

All these were just small excerpts from my blog.

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