What is the difference between frontal and speech-like lobe?

Typically and dominantly, the left hemisphere is responsible for language and the right for spatial perception.

“Like the secondary very indent, the secondary earcorty is closely connected to the gyrus angularis, which thus occupies a key position in the linking of the seen and the heard.

He projects to the Wernicke Center. Thus, both heard and read language is processed in the Wernicke Center. This projects further to higher associative areas of the cortex and in particular to the motor language center, the Broca center.This is where the language is implemented motorically.”

The frontal lobe essentially contains two major functional groups: on the one hand, its motor areas are the origin of arbitrariness movements,on the other hand it is home to the prefrontal cortex (PFC, forehead brain),the highest Association Centre of the Human Brain.

The prefrontal cortex [frontlobeis is the top control center of the brain, so to speak, the director of all other brain areas.For this purpose, it is directly or indirectly connected to almost all areas of the brain. It receives information from these areas and projects back to them in order to actuate or inhibit them. He is responsible for working memory, action planning and what many say makes people human first: inhibition of action, social behaviour, awareness of history and the future and the resulting anticipation, i.e. the foreseen-term the consequences of an action, respect for ethical fundamental values and high cognitive performance such as thinking, planning and decision-making.

At the lower end of the frontal lobe below the somatomotor bark lies in the dominant hemisphere of the brain (in most cases the left) the motor language center [“Broca center” … The Broca Centre does not send motor impulses to the muscles necessary for language, here the formation of the language takes place in its wording and sentence construction.Subsequently, the impulses are transmitted to other motor areas, which internally internalise the corresponding muscle groups.

In the parietal lobe, somatosensitive perceptions, i.e. body perceptions such as the sense of touch, are processed.

Brain and Learning – The Cerebral Cortex – Neo- or Isocortex

95% of language capacity a heterosexual man plays out in the left hemisphere of the brain (the so-called male side), while only 5% of the speech capacity of a heterosexual man takes place on the right hemisphere of the brain (the so-called female side).For this man, a stroke on the left hemisphere of the brain has fatal consequences, as he makes him practically incapable of speaking.

In women, male and female homosexuals, left-handers, color blinds and memory artists, the ability to speak in the brain is more balanced. Their larger corpus callosum allows them to communicate their emotions (which are located in the right hemisphere and are mostly expressed in the left hemisphere) more comprehensible and expressive.

The American brain surgeon and symbol and linguist Dr. Leonard Shlain (1937-2009) predicted that the human species would undergo another massive transformation around the turn of the millennium.Humanity will learn to use both hemispheres of the brain in the time of transition.

  • In about 95% of right-handed people and in 70% of left-handed people, the language is emulated from the left hemisphere of the brain.
  • For the rest, which is 8% of the population, the division of linguistic function is more complex.

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Source: SpiritualWiki – Language

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