What is the difference between children and adults in the way they learn?

The difference lies in the inner opening.

I gave private language lessons for a few years.

Preferably to individuals.

they sat at the kitchen table with me and I cooked food.

and wine they got.

so that learning was almost incidental.

i have come up with this over time, because the adults, when they learn,

are afraid.


one more,the other less.

the worst thing is when you askwhat.

then I can tap, as the lump builds up in the neck and the body cramps.

they have all been broken.

it is not due to age.

the best adult I ever had was in theseventy.

but she sold her house again at 75 and moved to the countryside and built something new.

when they were drunk, it went.

then they dared to speak.

Language is self-expression .

and this has been done to the children in the past by cynicism,

Criticism, humiliation and exposure to others

thoroughly expelled.

I made a Monopoly.

every time you have raised a card,

you had to say the vocabulary.

That’s how the vocabulary was often said.

and linked with images instead of words.

in adults, I always felt like I had to stuff everything intothem.

the soul doesn’t really want any more, because it has become cramped with fear.

learning is associated with pain.

it was always tedious.

Some I got loose when they knew me for a long time.

then a helicopter mother brought me her little boy.

he was seven and was to make tongues.

She delivered him and went for an hour of coffee.

I had never taught a child before.

it was not like a tight funnel, but like a black hole,

that suckseverything in.

if he didn’t know a word about Monopoly, he didn’t cramp.

he screamed at me, go, tell me that.

I want to know.


who has suckedthe knowledge out of me.

he does nothing..

he creates a vacuum and the knowledge runs in by itself. n

with force.

now I know the difference.

it is not due to age.

it is due to a cramped black hole.

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