What is the difference between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the postulate of Elaine Aron of high sensitivity?

* Know that I am diagnosed with autism and am hsp’er.(Also called highly sensitive person.)

I assume that you mean high sensitivity and not highly sensitive, since highly sensitive is something different and not what Elaine Aaron has written about.

This is what they all do to me ;

(So it can be different for everyone.)

Autism I hear everything, but I also don’t hear anything.I hear everything very well, but at the same time, which makes it just as good a noise can be. Because of this, I can’t hear Henk when Henk talks to me, while Rose is talking to Tom next to me. I hear everything and at the same time. Same with scent, I also have a different perspective on the world. I sometimes have to ask extra what they mean by this or that, because I simply have a different perspective than most. Example, I look at this picture;

Most people without autism who see a bookstore or house.

And thinking; ‘ Yes that’s a house. ‘ Do you know what I see? I see the lines of the window, not the black.. But the white. At the door you see light black lines which makes the door more charming. If you look at those poles then you see that they are on the old side. I see that at once. I cannot really see the whole, I have to think about it again.

And I feel it.If I put a step in the room, I feel the atmosphere. Let’s look at that picture again;

If I specifically follow my highsentiveness, I feel warmth.

I don’t see it, I feel the warmth and cosiness of the shop. It is practically not understandable to most; But I feel the warmth of the zaakje. Happiness, joy maybe even. And that only on feeling. Not based on the warmth in the photo itself.

Another example; I walk across the street, I see a man standing.I look at him for a second, he me, we look away. In that second I often feel what that person feels. It sounds very weird. But I can feel what that person feels. And that is what causes the overstimulation of high sensitivity.

At high sensitivity you feel what that person feels, you feel the atmosphere and all those emotions.Some people may also not be in a room where just fierce quarrel is made, if they are highly sensitive.

In autism, your senses are strengthened or you get everything else inside.Then it’s not a feeling, but sound. Light etc.

So autism is really your body, high sensitivity is your feeling.

In autism you do headphones to stop the sound, but to still be able to hear everything.At H.S.P. you do your headphones to shut yourself off the situation.

* This is from our own experience.I have the official diagnosis autism in the form of PDD-NOS but I myself generally recognize me more in high sensitiveit even though I also have the autism form of stimuli.

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