What is the difference between an animal and a human being? Is there anything that makes a clear separation?

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For example, human beings can also engage spiritually; Animals can only eat and reproduce.Man therefore does not come from the animal world!

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The father of the theory of evolution made the claim in one of his books that there were dozens of organs; e.g. the worm progression of the appendix and the thymus gland, which are superfluous, i.e. rudimentary.These claims are now scientifically unequivocally refuted. But Darwin based his hypotheses on such false claims.

Darwin admits that no transitional forms have been found between the individual species; it has remained so to this day.The research results of the paleontologists state: the individual species occur erratically (Kambrian explosion).

What happens when you pull out the lowest cards of a House of Cards?It breaks down.

The primal atmosphere

In oxygen-containing air, the first amino acid would never have arisen; in oxygenless air it would have been destroyed immediately by cosmic rays (Hitching.Quote from ‘ Darwin’s Theory:An Exercise in Science’ from New Scientist’, June 25, 1981, p.828; by Michael Ruse)

The same energy that would have broken down the simple chemical compounds in the atmosphere would have decomposed any newly formed more complex amino acids even more quickly.In the Miller experiment, the four amino acids were preserved because the reaction products were removed from the energy source range.

The Primordial Soup

Below the surface of the water there would not have been enough energy to trigger further chemical reactions.In any case, water inhibits the growth of more complex molecules (Robert Jastrow.Quoted from ‘the Enchanted Loom: Mind in the Universe’; 1981, 19)

Life in space

Despite millions of radio signals being sent out, no signals have yet been received that could be attributed to intelligent beings.Probes have not yet discovered any traces of life.

Equilibrium state

Unstable compounds decompose into stable compounds.For a

evolutionary process would require exactly the opposite process


The mathematical probability for the formation of the simplest protein is 1:10 high, according to a scientist.The time from the “big bang” to the present day would not be enough to produce a single protein.

Evolutionary process

How is the evolutionary process supposed to have taken place?Should living beings have been walking around with rudimentary body parts and organs until the individual became complete?

Why does the fossil record show nothing like this?Why haven’t any real transitional forms been found so far? It is claimed, for example, that the reptiles originated from the amphibians; where is the complete fossil evidence?

For a long time, the lungfish was the racer of the evolutionary theorists; it is now known that the lungfish has always been as it is now.

Recapitulation theory

Scientists have long believed that the development of the child in the womb is nothing more than a brief repetition of human developmental history.

Ultrasonic probes and tiny lens systems introduced into the womb have revealed the child’s development.As United Press International reports, many myths about human development have disappeared as a way of making discoveries. The UPI message goes on to say: “Prenatal surveillance, e.g. with the help of amnioscopy and ultrasound probes that reproduce the shape of the unborn foetus, has shown that humans do not have a complete development of life in the evolutionary sense. Each stage in human development is specifically human.


Specimens within a family of animals are crucible; Specimens, the different animal families are not crossable.Since in the case of evolution all animals, including humans, would be traced back to the same origin, this fact speaks against evolution.


That animals change is true; but only within the same type!!


No animal, not even the monkey, needs a sense of morality or a belief in God to survive.Such a belief would have limited rather than improved animal life.

Why don’t all monkeys show approaches to the Incarnation?Why did the humans throw off the warm garment “Fur” and then freeze for millions of years in the course of the Incarnation? Since the process of evolution would still have to take place today (why not?), the corresponding transitional forms would have to be available at every time 鈥?that is, even today!’


Why, once man has attained the ability to think, did the phenomenon of evolution not be imprinted in the memory of mankind from then on?In all cultures, history begins religiously. How would a man born out of evolution come up with the idea of ascribed his existence to a divine being?

This theory only came up in the 19th century!Why are written records no older than just over 6,000 years?

Population explosion

If the six billion limit has been reached in a few millennia, then the earth would have to be completely overpopulated many times over time over a period of hundreds of thousands or millions of years.


If man had been populating the earth for millions of years, then it occurred only 6,000 years ago that he could write down his thoughts!?And all of a sudden according to x language families! Why should he develop language families at all if a language was sufficient to communicate?

Where, after millions of years after an intelligence zero, did this sudden leap in intelligence come from?Totally implausible!!

It was even a scientist who called the theory of evolution the “fairy tale for adults”.

The only plausible answer to all these questions:

According to the biblical chronology, man was created by God just over 6,000 years ago.In 1975, humanity was 6,000 years old. No written document is older than about 6,000 years (summer cuneiform).

The various dating methods are extremely dubious and unreliable!

Questions to the Teachers of Evolution

Is there a fossil record of a transition from egg-laying (dinosaurs) to live bearers?

Why did the living being that became man come up with the idea that there could be a God?

For what reasons, the animal-human developed a sense of morality ora morality, since he lived much more unrestrictedly before, e.g. no consideration had to be taken into account when he had an animal (or animal humans) cracked and devoured?

Why does the story begin of all Cultures religious?Why has no culture imprinted on an evolutionary phase?

Why 鈥?if an evolution has taken place, are written documents not older than about 6000 years?Summery cuneiform script

Why did man 鈥?when he reached the human level according to evolution 鈥?invent more than a dozen language families instead of a language in a senseless way, when one would have sufficed?

Why did the animal, which became a human, shed the cheap clothing fur and preferred to freeze in the further development?

Is it not surprising that in our computer age we cannot reach the storage capacity of DNA, then that should be possible for the unreasonable matter?Or is there a creator (the D N A) behind it?

What is the probability that within millions of years a female and a male appeared at the same time, and then continue the multiplication of humanity by geliche Unification?

Finds a real evolution, from one species to another?If not, why did she stop?

In order to prove the aff.en theory, forgery was carried out, as in the case of the Piltown man, where monkey and human bones were put together.

an interesting finding by a scientist:

Cod.information (DNA) is a mental, non-material quantity and therefore ALWAYS needs an intelligent transmitter/author and can never come from dead matter!

The DNA contains trillions of information!

The fact is that every culture begins religiously; and this is proof that a creation has taken place.Lt. biblical chronology, mankind turned 6,000 years old in 1975. There is no written document that would be older. The oldest font is the summery cuneiform script.

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Analysis of the book “The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin

So Mr Darwin admits that he cannot find the transitional forms he needs to support his theory.It is therefore interesting which thought constructions come to mind why this can be the case.

Now we have the poodle’s core: any new form that is less perfect compared to the already existing one is verd. and err.tiled; therefore the feh.lenden transitional forms; how did Darwin “solve” the problem of feudal forms on paper?I suppose – in order to continue to spi.nnen the thought – the worn-out forms are then not on the seabed, but they are fed by the higher-wired ones. What you can prove on paper

see here to: Lecture by Joachim Zillmer: the Ir.rt眉mer of the earth’s history

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