What is the core difference between the Left, the Communist and Marxist-Leninist Parties, in Germany?

One thing in advance, this is really an orchid theme…

The PDL is in principle a social democratic party -> democratic socialist party.They want to change the living conditions by means of reforms (reformist), which is why it is also an FDGO-compliant party.

The DKP considers itself a revolutionary, communist party.Its members are often involved in the PDL, but there is a certain tendency to use parliamentarianism to “unmask” it. Before the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, the DKP was much stronger than it is today and has not really recovered from it conceptually. She has clearly distanced herself from the crimes of Stalinism. In dealing with it, the DKPlers are actually quite pleasant and strive for a “scientific socialism” and cooperate in left-wing projects or alliances.

The MLPD is one thing in itself.

Theoretically, it is a Maoist party whose aim is the revolutionary overcoming of today’s conditions towards a “true socialism”.This is to be done through an avant-garde until the popular works as true (real, only) socialism requires. It is important to know that their theory has been worked on by their eternal chairman, Angel, over several decades. In theory, she is also accused of a commitment to Stalinism – allegedly, socialism only failed after Stalin.

But these are all considerations without value, since the actual character is shown in their internal party structure.They are basically like Jehovah’s Witnesses… Get involved in full time, donate their private assets and can become quite boal if you want to get out.

It is, by the way, the second richest party after the CDU.Their headquarters are in Gelsenkirchen (well, I lucky mushroom…). They love to set up countless sub-organizations and often offer their help in alliances (e.g. against the law). But they can hardly fail to proselytize, which is why they are quite isolated in the left scene.

Personally, these are mostly nice people and if you endure their fondness for guitars and chants, they are actually harmless.

During the founding of the PDL, as a “Left Party”, offers of participation by DKP and MLPD were ignored by the PDL.These minor parties were simply not significant enough to deal with their… cultures.

Core difference, besides all these things: the PDL is reformist, DKP and MLPD revolutionary in the objective.

Edit: There is something else in the comments about the MLPD’s assets.The MLPD is certainly the richest small party and, after the CDU, regularly has the highest donations from private individuals, but is rather not the second richest party in the Federal Republic of Germany:

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