What is the better business network? LinkedIN or XING?

There is no better or worse business network, but it always depends on which goals you pursue with a presence and communication over a business network.Both networks have different focal points and offer different functions.

In international comparison, the Microsoft company LinkedIn has a clear lead with 500 million registered users.The Burda subsidiary XING, on the other hand, is a leader with 14 million users in the German-speaking DACH region.But LinkedIn is also catching up with German-speaking users and now also has 10 million DACH users.

With 11 million users, XING is the undisputed number 1 in Germany.

XING is therefore indispensable for B2B communication on the German market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).LinkedIn is also interesting for business contacts and visibility of specialist content.

LinkedIn is the ideal network for international communication, which is mainly in English.

But XING and LinkedIn offer much more than just reach:

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