What is the best written book in human history?

This is, of course, a question that is so subjectively asked that it is impossible to answer.

But since the impossible has always irritated me, I approach the answer in a – sorry – back-to-back way.

Let’s assume the following:

1.) No matter what text A I present, there will always be someone who denies this and says, ‘No, text B is better written!’.Then we can discuss it long and wide, looking for objective or not so objective characteristics. And maybe you come to a decision as to whether A or B is better – maybe not. But even if so, the next one will come and say, ‘But Book C is much better because …’. And then it starts all over again. According to Google in 2010, there were 129,864,880 published books at that time [1 . There is a lot of discussion.And if I’m at the last one, i’m sure someone will say, ‘Oh no, text A from the beginning was better.’ Can be continued ad infinitum.

2.) If so, then the solution to the problem is to present a book in which no one can claim that another book is better written.

Et voil茅, there we have the solution.I present here some pages from a book that meets exactly this condition:

It is the so-called Voynich manuscript [2 ), a book most likely written between 1410 and 1430.

This was in a script that could not be deciphered to this day.

And since no one can read it, no one can claim that another book is better written.


The Voynich manuscript has gained some notoriety in recent years, among other things, because it plays a role in the not entirely unknown computer game Assassins Creed.


[1 Google: There are 129,864,880 books in the world

[2 Voynich manuscript – Wikipedia

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