What is the best way to spend time when you are lonely?

If you are lonely, I think you can do two things: you are looking for a job where you are no longer lonely, or you learn to be alone and enjoy the free time.Both are not always easy when you feel lonely and that would be something negative. For many people, the first variant is not easy. It is not easy to overcome yourself and take action. The possibilities also differ depending on the age. I thought about a few things. There are certainly more things and something different for everyone.

  1. Volunteering, e.g. there are neighbourhood aids for young and old, seniors’ meetings, walks that you can lead, work with children, work with animals, e.g. with the help of pigeons, with free radio, with refugees, you can even get an education for the Do telephone pastoral care, shelter or in hospital.

The easiest way to find out is in the city, and we even have an office for this. You can also start new clubs at any time or clean up actions such as with your neighbours.

  • overcome and go to meetings.
  • In Bochum, depending on your interest, there are various groups that also regularly offer regular tables such as “Bochum neu Freizeitreff” or a national “Vegan Group”. Sure, you don’t go once and then automatically are nisren, usually you have to go several times. You can also arrange a meeting in forums on the Internet or on various apps if it is easier for someone than in real ones.

  • join a sports club (even that doesn’t always promise friends, but you never know) or any other club like Choir or so
  • Establish contact with old acquaintances/ family/ colleagues/ friends.
  • Difficult when you move to a new city. But don’t give up hope directly, often it just takes time to develop a friendship.

  • Looking for a job, big or small.
  • It also does a good time to spend time with people, even if it can sometimes be stressful. The day is quickly over and you also earn a bit of money. It’s kind of like volunteering, just paid.

  • Get an animal.
  • Yes animals really help against loneliness. They give so much love and you can also give you a lot of it. You can “talk” to him and cuddle and go for a walk! With a dog on the way you automatically get to know other dog owners.

  • Join a tour group
  • move into a shared flat
  • So and then there are things you can do on your own if you don’t know what to do over time:


    2.Reading books

    3.Learning a language

    4.take a course at the University / VHS

    5.to study

    6.cook something delicious

    7.clean and sort out properly

    8.start a new hobby like making music or making movies, photographing, crafting, works

    9.Hiking, doing sports, walking

    10.Wellness day and even pre-manufacture its own cosmetic products

    11.Watch Netflix

    12.Bake a small cake just for yourself

    13.sometimes not on social media for some time

    14.positive affirmations such as “I’m happy when I’m alone” or “I’m creative when I’m alone,” “I’m enough”

    15.go to the cinema, go to dinner

    16.Planning a holiday

    17.Just get on a bus and see where it’s going

    18.Call an old friend

    19.Check out Pinterest and collect ideas

    20.answer here on Quoara questions

    21.to do a jigsaw

    22.go to the library

    23.googling what else you can do when you’re bored.

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