What is the best way to set up a Website that has interfaces to other web pages?

I can’t think of any special arrangements for this, the Internet is there to be interwoven with each other.There are, of course, legal restrictions, for example, not embedding foreign content. The hyperlink concept is one of the first of the http protocol ever. Of course, you can link to other sites, there are left.

  1. Connection of APIs: No matter with which back-end language your own website is implemented, connection in the type of REST APIs go via http, i.e. a web server or

the applications running on it, such as PHP with cURL or serverside JS (Node.js), make http requests themselves instead of just answering them. This has the advantage that connecting a web server to the rest of the Internet has much more bandwidth than even high-speed Internet access for your end users/customers.

  • Last but not least the same as (1) in green, client-side are of course possible besides simple hyperlinks also requests via Javascript Ajax technique, but you only have to know that browsers typically apply the Same Origin policy for the security of websites.
  • But not only for this reason, for example, the response of APIs that require authentication is one thing that you do not clientside, but server-side. End users should not get their hands on such credentials or even keys that allow a rate limit on requests.

    So when it comes to this type of integration, then you have a case of client-server architecture that still allows a single page app, but all client-side JS accesses and integration to other servers/services as your own domain should be limited to those that do not mean a rate limit and no costs, but are freely available anyway, e.g. a simple API with GET requests without access data such as https://www.googleapis.com/books…

    As soon as such access data needs for an authentication, you open up a corresponding interface to your website/domain and only there the call to the service with your access data continues and give the result back or.outputs such as HTML snippets.

    Google Makes Its Newer Version of than Libraries and Samples | Google Books APIs | Google Developers depends on an API key that lets all the calls that run over it go to your cap.You only keep this under control and can, if necessary, cap it and scale it off if you only do it on the server side. API keys are among the “secrets” or cryptographic secrets that you keep for yourself. as many things only with its hoster or cloud provider with whom you should have the necessary trust relationship. This is to be taken into account if you could run Node.js examples with the same JS on the browser side.

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