What is the best way to remove limiting beliefs/thought patterns, which are no longer needed?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that limit, block or keep us small. It’s excuses for us failure or not even trying.

When you hear or pronounce a conviction often enough, even if it is misleading, it becomes your truth over time.Over time you become… What you think.

There are conventions that have been introduced by Society .Like: we have to do certain things in a certain way, because it has always been done.And there are also the continual bombing of the media about what/how we should eat, drink, sleep, dress, act,…

And in addition, there are your own limiting beliefs.
I am not allowed to make mistakes.
I’m not good enough.
Changing is difficult and lasts long.
What makes me good enough is that people think well about me.
None of what I do is good enough.
I am not competent.
If I make a mistake then I am rejected.
I will never get what I want.
What makes me good enough is doing things perfectly.
What I have to say is not important.

Solve those limiting beliefs!

Beliefs -good or bad -have power over you as long as you choose to believe them.

Believe in something positive and you touch very far in life. Believe in something negative and you limit yourself how far you come into life.

The beauty is that you can free yourself from those limiting beliefs as soon as you become aware of it.These are 10 tips to free yourself from limiting beliefs.

1.Find Models

With models I mean people who have experienced something similar to you, and yet have achieved what you want to achieve.It really helps to look at someone Like that, and to say, “if he/she can, I can do it too!” Models can be people you know, but also historical figures or people from the media.


When Jim Carrey was an unknown actor who had difficulty getting to a role, he often sat down in the Hollywood Hills in his dented Toyota.There he visualized the future he wanted. He even wrote himself a cheque of $10 million for “delivered acting services”.

Another tool is a vision board or even a vision screensaver on your computer.Put pictures that are representative of the dream or life you want. They are there to remind you and to stimulate you. Look at the vision board every day and visualize your future.

3.Practice Affirmations

Choose your thoughts carefully.Train yourself to stop negative thinking. Focus instead on what you can do. Stop making excuses and start shaping the life you want through affirmations (link to article on my blog)

4.First believe, then see

How many times have you not heard the reverse : First See, then believe?

Did Jim Carrey mugs and say he would only believe he is a top performer when someone writes him his big cheque?Far from it! Take the first step: decide to be successful in your efforts.

5.Step out of the victim mentality

Once you can see that it is possible, you will no longer feel sorry for yourself.You stop excuses and take initiative.

6.Accepted failure

You will also fail, especially when you first start.Know that failure is only part of the learning process and that we can all learn from our mistakes.What distinguishes the winners from the whiners is how quickly we are rebushing our failures and how persevering we continue.

7.Beware of cognitive dissonance

We continually seek information that confirms our vision of the world.This is called confirmatory bias. If we encounter opposite information, we will go through ‘ cognitive dissonance ‘. That is the inconvenience our brains give us because we are now getting information that challenges our old beliefs. Strive to look at yourself objectively, free from your ego and excuses.

8.We are the average of the five people we have the most contact with

Do you want to see where you are in life?Then take a look at the 5 friends/acquaintances that you deal with most. Our friends can have good intentions, but they also have their own limiting beliefs and uncertainties that they are projecting on us. Sometimes you can really grow only when you learn to shut down those limiting beliefs of other people and to believe in yourself.

When Oprah Winfrey decided to lose weight, her then circle of friends started distancing herself from her.They were satisfied with being overweight. Oprah decided to find new friends to support her new goals.

9.Take action

Finally, you need to take action, of course.You can read/think/visualize/talk about it all day long, but taking action really leads to results.

10.Let yourself be coaching

A good coach supports you in breaking your limiting beliefs.So be warned: coaching can dramatically change your life.For what is possible when you no longer believe in those limiting beliefs?


Breaking our limiting beliefs is not easy.Because our beliefs make us who we are today. But if you want to stand up tomorrow and grow as a human, start slowly and turn small steps. Small steps often lead to major changes.

By establishing what your developing thoughts are.And who have to go. Then the other ones disappear to the background, and then go away.

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