What is the best way to market a one-man consulting company at no cost?

In my experience, the best way is unconditional generosity.

By this I mean: Be generous with your knowledge and make it available to others – without conditions or ulterior motives.

You can do this in many ways:

  1. Answer questions here on Quorathat prove your expert status.

Write good answers that offer a benefit.

  • Write blog articles that your customers will find exciting. If you don’t have your own blog, use services like LinkedIn, Medium or Facebook, and publish your (long and useful) texts there.
  • If it suits your industry, then group articles in XING also make sense.

  • Maintain your network and expand it. Go to network events or invite yourself to a regular table.
  • Share your knowledge there, too, and help others who can benefit from your help.

  • Work with your apostles. Identify “apostles” in your circle of acquaintances and in your network.
  • These are well-connected people who like you and who know that you are burning for your advice. Start with six people and try to get to twelve. Inform your apostles regularly in personal conversations, in phone calls or with detailed e-mails, what you are working on or what you had for exciting or funny experiences in the context of your work. And ask individual apostles a question if you are facing a challenge and do not know exactly how to approach it.

  • Write an eBook (PDF document) that offers great benefits for your desired customers. Distribute it to your network and to your apostles and allow it to be passed on to interested parties.
  • All these measures create a fan base over time that talks about you and your work.And in my experience, this is the most cost-effective and best way to market your consulting service.

    Because in this way you become “magnetic” and attract the very people who need your consulting services and pay money for it.

    In addition:

    • Ask your customers for testimonials. These are short thank you notes that you can post on your website.
    • Ask your customers to recommend you.

    I would like to say a few words about the costs: of course, all this is not free of charge.Because the time you have to spend on it costs money. You need internet, phone, computer, a workplace. But you’re certainly aware of that.

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