What is the best way to make your website known?

A combination of content marketing, online PR and social media marketing and influencer marketing is the best way to make a website known:

  1. ContentMarketing:
    Create relevant content that really helps our customers: tips, guides, industry news.

We use our corporate blogs as editorial center to create content and collect feedback from comments and social media discussions.We also collect feedback from our customer service and support to develop responses to FAQs and address current challenges and issues.

Multiple exploitation of the content:
To extend the life of each content, we use each topic we create for different content formats: blog entries, guest posts, images, infographics, slideshows and videos, checklists, white papers, or ebooks.

SEO optimization of content:
An important measure in content marketing is also the optimization of the content for readers and search engines, because “only what is searched can also be found“.This involves read-friendly text structures, comprehensible texts and important keywords.

  • Online PR and Social Media Marketing: for Distribution and Seeding
    We use online press releases and share our blog posts and images and other content formats on our social media channels.
  • By publishing each content in parallel on multiple channels, we try to generate as many touchpoints as possible for our customers and prospects.

    Social media automation makes this process much easier and gives us more time to interact with our communities.

  • E-mail and newsletter marketing: for lead generation, customer acquisition and customer loyalty
    We combine all content strategies with inbound marketing measures for lead generation and customer acquisition.
  • All content strategies and social media campaigns are linked to opt-in measures on our blog and website, so that we expand our email distribution lists and stay in touch with our customers and prospects on a regular basis.

  • InfluencerMarketing:
    Contacting industry leaders and influencers helps us build our online reputation and gain more reach.
  • By contentcuring content from industry leaders and influencers, we ensure greater content diversity and relevance on our channels while getting more attention to our own content.

    More tips for more traffic on the blog and website:

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