What is the best way to lose weight?

A look in the mirror.Naked! There is no better remedy.

When I started training 6 years ago, the first thing I did was take a few kilos.

To this day, I keep it in the mirror instead of looking at the scales and listening to my body feeling.
(At a glance – because one look is enough.Too many glances can quickly lead to addiction.)

The best way to lose weight?

  • Fun in sport

For the last 6 years I went to the gym regularly.
I combine training with basketball games, which is the perfect combination for me.

I really think someone who doesn’t have fun doing sports just hasn’t tried enough.

There are thousands of sports.
Some will be yours and you will enjoy.
You won’t be able to live without the sport and burn calories regularly with a smile.

  • 30-day programs are poison to lose weight

Of course, a 30-day program can help.

But a 30-day program is about 30 days…

Lose 6 kilos in 6 weeks?
Of course it works.

But in my opinion, all time-limited programs miss the most important factor for losing weight:

  • Health is not a goal, but a way of life

Most of the time, someone wants to lose weight for two reasons:

  1. From aesthetics
  2. For health reasons

Both reasons can and should motivate.
For both reasons, I do so much sport.
I want to feel good visually.(If you feel comfortable in your skin, it has the effect that others perceive you that way. Especially the other sex ;))

And for health reasons:
I can’t think of anything more beautiful than playing football or basketball with my grandchildren in my 80s.
Of course, the tooth of time will gnaw at me and I will not be as fit as I am now at 24, how is that supposed to work?

The aim of decreasing should in any case be long-term.
The best way to lose weight is slowly getting to your destination.

  • Slowly the squirrel feeds

It is extremely important to approach the matter with common sense.

You want to lose 19 kilos?

A big goal – but slowly the squirrel feeds.
This does not mean that you should eat slowly and little.
On the contrary:
Don’t worry, set small monthly goals and slowly change your eating habits:

  1. From sugary drinks to water
  2. From sweets to fruits
  3. From ketchup and mayo to healthier sauces (Ajvar is my insider tip)
  4. From white bread to dark bread

A list that is not to be ranked.Start with what seems simple to you.
I started by switching from cola and ice to water, saving myself up to 500 calories a day.

  • Man is a habitual animal

If I learn one thing by trying out diets, it is that the body loves habits – man is a habitual animal.

At first it is difficult to change the diet.

Here, too, the motto applies: Slowly the squirrel feeds.
Slowly approach a changeover.Your body will thank you.

  • Find your diet

Not every diet suits every body.
In the best case, consult with your doctor on which diet might suit your body.

And above all:
Listen to your body.
It sends you signals.

  • Taste your progress

Believe me – there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and feeling so healthy and fit that you could conquer the whole world.

There is nothing more beautiful than looking in the mirror, being satisfied and happy with his body and, above all, proud that the daily work bears fruit.

Every day small progress works wonders over a long period of time.

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