What is the best way to let things go and move on?

Worrying about something, or worrying, is a sense of fear.We are afraid of the unknown, and think that the worst possible can happen.

Sometimes we get very worried about future events.In our head, we continue to repeat all negative scenarios indefinitely. For example, We think:

“If only I had said or done x, or had taken another decision…”

‘ What if… I get an accident?Get fired? Get sick? ‘

Worrying is a behavior, a way of thinking.

But because it is a behavior, you can changeit too, by replacing the worrying with a more positive behavior.

What are we worried about?

Studies indicate that of the things we are worrying about, at least 40% never happens. So We simply waste our time worrying about it.

30% are things that have already happened. In doing so, it is important to learn to let go, and forgive yourself and others.You cannot change the past, so accept what has been and continue with your life.

12% are needless concerns, like what someone else thinks about us.

10% is small and unimportant, as you worry to come late, what you have to attract or what you will eat.

Only 8% of the things we worry about is really happening!

And 4% of these are things that are beyond our control.We cannot change anything. These are things like our health, the death of a loved one or a possible natural disaster. Often we endure the reality of this better than worrying about it.

The other 4% are things that we have some control over.These are the consequences of our actions or our failure to act on the issues and challenges we encounter.

Now that you know these figures, ask yourself the following questions:

How often do we wind ourselves up about a situation that is beyond our control?

Why do we admit that worrying gives us so much stress that we get sick of it?

Why do we waste mental energy worrying about us?

I can’t answer these questions for you.What I can do is teach your techniques to stop worrying.

How can you stop worrying?


Prepare for the worst -hope for the best.
Accept the worst possible outcome and take action to make sure it doesn’t get that bad.

2.Take a decision.
When you are worrying about an unresolved problem at work or in your private life, it’s time to make a decision.Once you have decided what to do, you can take steps to the best possible outcome.

3.Ask for support.
Friends and family are very suitable for this.They will also give you their view of the business. And sometimes your worries disappear by talking about it.

4.Take care of distraction.
Call a friend.Read a good book.Look at a funny movie. Go with the children to the park. There are dozens of things you can do to distract you.

5.Stay busy.
When you find yourself starting to worry, take your to-do list and work off some jobs. If you don’t have a list yet, make one.Write down your goals and the actions needed to reach them. The advantage of your to-do list is that you won’t have to worry about forgetting something important.

6.Enter the confrontation.
Often it is not the problem itself that you are worried about, but rather the anticipation of the problem.How do others react to it? So take the cow by the horns and pick it up immediately.

7.Learn to relax.
Take your time to fully relax.Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose and back out through your mouth. With each breathing you try to relax deeper. A few minutes a day are sufficient to allow the tension to flow out of your body.

8.Write it down.
Many people feel relieved after they have noted all their concerns in a booklet.Writing down can help you discover what you are really afraid of, and that way you can improve the situation.

9.Take care of yourself.
Take enough rest.Eat healthily and stir regularly. When you take care of your body and mind, it becomes easier to put things into perspective and deal with the unexpected.

10.Be thankful.
There is a lot to be thankful for.Look around you: we live in a wondrous world. You can show gratitude for your health, your family, your mind, your home, your work, your pet or even your favorite garment.

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