What is the best way to get the audience to a webinar?

There are some ways to guide your potential customers to your webinar.I’d like to give you a few ways to help you create a good product.


You will achieve a better participation rate by, for example, providing bonus material to your webinar.


Try to fill the webinar with the promised added value before you come to talk about your product.After all, the participants want to learn something.


Many people forget that they signed up for a webinar.Help your potential customers remember, but don’t overdo it.


This is a commonly used tool.A shortage of availability, be it the time offer or the limited number of participants, stimulates human instincts.


Don’t forget to introduce YOU.It is important to put your qualifications and personality in the foreground. Furthermore, you should always present an overview of the topic of the webinar. This allows your customers to track exactly what you want to teach them and how it is structured.


You should definitely not memorize or read your texts.Try to let your enthusiasm skippe to the viewer. Use the volume and speed of speaking to highlight particularly important content. I advise you to practice properly and pay attention to the details.


Encourage your viewers to leave comments or suggestions.On the one hand, you can improve your product and appeal to even more customers. Make your customers feel that their opinion is important to you.


Bring structure to your webinars.The customer should follow a common thread. So you should pay attention to a concrete process of your webinar.

* Introduce the customer to the topic and show the benefits on

* Provide the expert and the content

* Support your content with facts and try to tell it with passion

* Show the customer’s problems

* Present the only true solution

* Show your product

* Make the customer an offer (price, payment options, guarantees, testimonials)

* Challenge the customer to trade on (call-to-action)


Bring in as many successes as possible from other customers or show case studies that support your solution/product.Tie up the customer.

If you have followed all the important points, you have put the greatest work behind you.You can manage your way to the customer with the help of service managers.

I personally use the marketing of my webinars: Home – Webinars – The perfect solution for automated webinarmarketing.Of course, you can also take a different path. In my experience, however, you get better results by using experienced service providers.

I hope I could help you.Good luck!

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