What is the best way to fall asleep quickly?

Ritualized procedure is, as already mentioned, the simplest.I have suffered from difficulty falling asleep since I was very young, have tried a lot in 30 years and looked at a lot of sources on the subject.

One or more of these points should be considered:

  • Bedtime.

You should set a time and stick to which you lie down in bed to sleep. Nowadays very difficult, was himself alternating shift workers, but one should at least try it.

  • A fixed process.
  • It works very well if you have a firm sequence of ta activities/habits that you bounce off before you go to bed. A light workout/stretching, shower and other toilet e.g.

  • Avoid food !
  • Eating activates a bunch of metabolic activities and signals to the body that it is now going off and not in bed.

  • Avoid screens !
  • Today’s LED and plasma screens have a very high proportion of blue light compared to earlier, which activates receptors in the brain, thereby hindering the release of serotonin and melatonin.

  • (Interactive) Avoid media !
  • All media generally make the release of the above-the-above hormones more difficult, even with screen filters that reduce the blue content. Media simulates social interaction and activates similar neural networks, especially interactive media such as games. Definitely an hour before bedtime stop.

  • Self-employment.
  • Considering the points mentioned, it is a good thing to isolate yourself a little before you want to fall asleep. This is to say that one reads, for example, whereby one is practically in one’s own head or also meditates. Listening to music may also work, but I recommend instrumental music.

    From my experience and preoccupation with receptors in the brain, I strongly advise against chemically assisting from the outside with only slight difficulties.Especially in the brain, this always leads to addictions, our body is always based on a balance. (Addiction is not always the same as addiction sickness !)

    The administration of substances from the outside that act on receptors is practically always higher than necessary, simply because usually little of it passes through the blood-brain barrier.However, the part that arrives in the brain leads to a desensitization of the corresponding receptor groups and to an increased formation of these receptors. Likewise, the body reverses its own production of hormones that are replaced, which then leads to even greater insomnia in the absence of the substitute. In the end, therefore, the body is no longer so easily influenced by the effect of these substances. On the one hand, because there are more receptors than before that must achieve a level of saturation so that the effect takes place at all, on the other hand because the natural level of these substances is now lower than before.

    Almost everyone knows it from coffee or other functional substances.

    I always like to try the analogy of the fat pencil for the lips, you start to use it regularly the body returns the lipid production.The body has found that the lips are periodically much too moist because this can also be harmful, the lips become faster and more often dry than before. You need to use the lipstick regularly now to avoid getting cracked lips. So smart is our body ! So let them calm him without any chemical aids.

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