What is the best way to explain to an eight-year-old that Sinterklaas can deliver parcels to all children on the same evening? Should I say that he can travel faster than the speed of light or will I just say it is a mystery?

We were always told that there are thousands of black piites who can arrange the gifts and that there are a lot of help sinterklazen that come to children (this allows Sinterklaas to visit everyone in an evening).

AAAA, you have a French bed in the house;-)

With us in the family we have the following story:

Sit down, I understand you think Sinterklaas can never be with all children at the same time.You are right. I think you are now old enough to “hear the great Secret of Sinterklaas”.

In the week that Sinterklaas arrives, all Mama’s Get a letter from Sinterklaas.In that letter it says what they have to do to help Sinterklaas. What gifts they have to buy, how to pack those gifts and who should let them help. Dad had to arrange a gift for grandma last time. That’s why Grandma got that gift that only dad could take with you, you know. (Or other example that plays in this family).

Now that you also know the secret of Sinterklaas, there will also be a mission of Sinterklaas for you.But remember: you are not allowed to say anything about this. And certainly not to anyone who does not know the secret of Sinterklaas yet!

So you maintain the story, give you a reason for all the mystery that plays around Sinterklaas (and who begins to notice the “believer”) and let you grow the child in the knowledge that it is equally consecrated in the great secret.Success assured!

And over time, faith disappears naturally, but not the preparation pleasure.My sons are 20 and 21 years old: they still ask annually if “the letter of Sinterklaas is already in”. (Yes he is there and he refers to his colleague Santa Claus. In early December, we never have time for this kind of celebration)

I would turn it around!I also joined my son.

I just said ‘ how do you think that can? ‘

He said; ‘ He puts in Help Sinterklazen! ‘
And then the monkey came out of the sleeve.’ It’s not logical anyway because Sinterklaas has been there for a long time, he would be more than a hundred, he can’t climb! Is He a vampire? ‘ ‘

‘ I don’t think so.Do you know how we call something we always pass on to each other? A tradition. What happens when a king stops being king? ‘

‘ Then someone else gets the crown! ‘ Exactly!But only if this person is really good enough. ‘

“So when Sinterklaas gets old, he chooses a new Sinterklaas.”

‘ That seems to me the most logical don’t you think? ‘

We both agreed with that.

Eight years is an excellent age to find out that Sinterklaas does not exist.Certainly not to tell more lies around it, let them find out for themselves that logistics is simply not to do.

It is not good anyway to lie to children.But an eight-year old who still believes in Saint Nicholas, I do not believe that again.

We used to know the notion 芒 鈧?虄auxiliary Sinterklaas芒 鈧劉 at home.It stated why Sinterklaas does not always look the same 漏 n it explained why my father 芒 鈧?”who got a family for a few years in Spain Woonde芒 鈧? Sinterklaas was allowed to help arrange Sinterklaas evening. What made it even more credible is that my dad had a beard (and has).

The 2nd seems fairer to me.Also sounds better.

Because I once had a blast that I was fooled by people I trusted for so many years, I told my children at the age of 5 that it was a play.

They are very happy with that.

No that would be a misrepresentation.With a speed smaller than that of the light and a route planner that’s fine to do. The saint then delivers everywhere in a seesaw.

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