What is the best way to deal with subtle bullying at work?

The goal of bullying is to systematically put someone through targeted bullying and humiliation.Of course, the perpetrator wants to go undetected. To do this, of course, the bully has to be subtle. And that’s what makes bullying so perfidious.

How should you deal with bullying?The answer to this depends heavily on who is the result of the bullying.

Case 1: Bullying emanates from colleagues

Depending on how much the bullying has already hit you, you can look for a conversation with thebully.Ask him for a personal conversation and explain to him how you feel with his behavior towards you.

Do not make any assessment or conviction.Because that puts your colleagues in the position of having to justify themselves. You’re just making things worse.

Ask him how he sees what happened.In the happiest case, he understands you a bit and changes his behavior. Of course, it may also be that he simply does the thing and maybe also makes fun of you. End the conversation and take notes.

Contact your manager

If you want to contact your boss in a quiet minute.Make the tasks as neutral as possible. Tell him also how youinterpret and feel aboutevents.

Ask your boss how he sees things.Ask him for advice. If you have the impression that he can’t or doesn’t want to help you, ask him who else you can contact. Staycalm, but make it clear how much the whole burden strains you.

If necessary, also tell your boss to contact the works council.Formulate this as information, not a threat. Your boss is informed and knows at the latest now that you are serious.

If you have a good boss, you will be spared the way to the works council.If he takes his duty of care seriously, he will personally take care of the case.

Case 2: The Bullying / Bossing starts from your manager

To take it right away… If your boss mobs you, it looks bad for you.The most important tip I can give you: Find a lawyer.

Bossing is so dramatic because the boss usually has backing from above and has very different levers of power.In my experience, a works council can hardly resist it. Just to give an example: Your boss can release you overnight,or put you in another (empty)office.Clearly, that is not right. But he can have it first and only then can you fight back.

If your boss is very driven, he will dose the measures in such a way that they hardly fall to his burden, but get you ready.

If you have been in the company for a long time and have a good standing, then apply for other positions.Tackling Bossing is a very tough fight.Don’t worry, he’ll weaken you morethan it will benefit you.

If your boss is a very bright guy and has already been conspicuous elsewhere, you can also contact his manager (assuming trust).Of course, it’s clear that you’re going to take over your boss with it. He will resent you all his life.

If the bullying has reached a certain degree of sharpness, you probably don’t care about the relationship with your boss.It is unlikely to be repaired.

but… If you go to his manager, then of course you need extremely solidevidence.Bullying allegations are serious allegations that can be very damaging to people.

Assume that your boss has a high level of trust in his manager.This trust will, by its very nature, only be questioned if there is something seriously incriminating.

This is where the hare is likely to lie in the pepper.Subtle bullying is extremely difficult to prove. Often the detection is only possible if one is already lying on the ground through all the wear-attire and has hardly any strength to defend.

If this level is actually reached, then go to the doctor and gain a little distance.

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