What is the best way to deal with “flasbacks” caused by narcissistic abuse?

By cultivating inner “spaciousness”.

Narcissistic abuse remains as trauma in the body and soul of a sufferer.Most of the time, the target person did not have the opportunity to process what they had experienced at the time the abuse took place, as their mental capacity and willpower were severely limited.

If the perpetrator of the abuse is no longer present, the shame- and fear-based energy that has been suppressed in the target person, which has accumulated through the experience, has for the first time the opportunity to come to the surface.This energy wants to be perceived by the true self of the target person (i.e. consciousness). It finally wants to be granted the right to exist and be given the space to express herself.

This requires the person concerned to remain present when the feeling is apparent and not to withdraw from it or to hide it.It requires giving space to the necessary process so that it can take place in the watchful, conscious presence of the “I”. The “I” is important here, because it is not only the presence of mind or ego, but the further “I” of the person concerned, which goes far beyond mind and mind.

Accepting one’s own trauma and even “hugging” requires the person concerned to exist in states of “spaciousness” and to experience and endure intensity in a degree that you have probably never met before.If “flashbacks” appear, you should consciously perceive and consider the intensity and feelings in your body.

Be vigilant, but relax your body.Try to become “one” with the intensity. Open yourself to the horror you experience in these moments. Look directly into the “wave” that is pushing you out of your past.Immerse yourself init.Do this by focusing all your attention on them and brushing aside all thoughts and disturbing instincts. If you manage to take this leap into the unknown, your consciousness will grow and your ability to endure intense states will increase. Every real development takes place in this way.

Before you can truly be “present,” you must learn to endure (and eventually overcome) the presence of factors that stand in the way of deepening your consciousness.Evolution, i.e. the development of species, is also a process in which an organism assumes states that have never existed before in this form. You, too, are able to do so. They achieve this through faith, courage, and conscious presence in the face of seemingly overwhelming horror.

It’s a bit like a computer game.You can view your trauma caused by narcissistic abuse as a sequence of “levels” you have to master. It may be frustrating, uncomfortable and, in some moments, even agonizing; but once you have found your way through with devotion and focus, you will find peace of mind that you are evolving spiritually. You can then prepare to approach the next level.

Narcissistic abuse can paralyze you; however, it can also be a force that drives you to unimagined self-realization.It is all a matter of perspective and willpower for taking on and tackling the very personal “hero journey”.

Victory over Narcissism

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