What is the best way to clear?

There are many ways to realize a lucid dream, and I can tell you that it is true that a knowledge if you know a few things in advance can drive you forward in your lucid dream progression.I will share things on my blog.

I will also share here the improvement and the fastest way to the lucid dream, but if you can not fulfill all these points, don’t worry, you can still have a lucid dream, it could only take you a little longer.

First, make sure you can check off the entire checklist:

[_ Own a dream journal, remember your dreams… the 101s should be covered.Required.

[_ You have a regular sleep plan.RECOMMENDED.

[_ You don’t have conditions that change your sleep.MAY DELAY, BUT YOU CAN LOSE THE DREAM.

[_ You can fall asleep quickly at night as well as when you wake up in the middle of the night (in the early hours of the morning).YOU CAN GET A MASSIVE BOOST HERE.

[_ You can ask yourself to wake up in the early hours of the morning and actually wake up.You can find the easiest way to initiate one.

[_ You can “sacrifice” 15 minutes of sleep during your WBTB and you will not be distracted.THIS GREATLY INCREASES THE CHANCES.

[_ You can calm your mind and mute for about 1 minute.This makes it easier to initiate one.

If you get confused here, I recommend you to build your foundation in lucid dreaming.You can check my video course by clicking here.

I got it?The whole list? ingenious! A simple Lucid dreaming task for you.

You wake up and remember your former dream… Wasn’t it a nice ride through the Ulohyuaysh dimension… Crazy, non-lucid dream, but now it’s time to induce a lucid dream:

Since you went to bed and told yourself to wake up, you did and now it is, say… 3:00 a.m.!

Make sure you slowly get out of your bed and focus on your last dream, your memories… it’s time to write it down… and you slowly move towards your dream journal and start to write down (save the light, remember the 101s, use a red light if you can.)

You’ve probably helped yourself to drink some water before you go to bed, so you’ll most likely have to go!Stretch your brain to remember more (this will make your mind a little harder, improve clarity, but shoot backwards in the event of insomnia.) If you had to go first (lol jumping!), go to the toilet a second time.

Go back to your Dream Journal a little more and juice your brain.Concentrate and make sure the next dream is clear.

Return to your bed.Make sure the whole process took 15 to 30 minutes. It’s worth it.

Use the WILD technique (here you have to keep your thoughts silent, 101s folks!)

At this point you have dramatic chances to trigger a lucid dream because your body is still relaxed, rested, but still sleepy and your mind is at rest, cleansed of stimuli … (Don’t even remember to check your phone during your stay WBTB: Even if you can’t remove a blue light.So it’s easier to shut down a sleeping parrot, isn’t it? This makes the game process easier and faster. So the next time you find that “nothing has happened,” check the reality. It is always good to do one even if you fly and know that you are lucid, the dream quality is improved and the lucid time is extended (you have asked the best way, right?). Also the WILD technique has a decent ratio to a false awakening When you “wake up” in bed and it is normal around you, still check the reality as this can be a dream. (Approximately 80% of my WILDs are in a false awakening, even many of My lucid dreams start in my bed with a false awakening, unless I become lucid in the middle of a non-lucid dream (DILD).

Now make sure you can extend your lucid dreams with dream stabilizations, use important points, remember in your dream to write it down when you wake up, and don’t be too greedy if you feel you’re risking it Wake up.Once you do this (especially if you’ve pushed it too much because you’re able to), run to your dream journal and write down the keywords. Then try to develop a little, especially the first parts of lucid. You will have a killer dream.

Once you have become accustomed to this process, you will be able to induce lucid dreams and prolong them comprehensively.This is the best way to lucid dreaming.

And before I go … while WILD you can be an astral project… and sometimes you can find yourself somewhere, but in the sense of “dream sense” still be “meaningless”.You can find the differences between a lucid dream and an astral projection My Blog.

I hope you like it!Happy lucid dreams.

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