What is the best way to bring your affiliate links on the market?

In content links in product discussions.

Banners on websites are barely clicked, but if you discuss a product, give tips on how to use it etc, it will be clicked through quite often.

On https://wordxpression.nl/ I regularly come back to topics around WPML, GravityForms, Elementor and more.These are products that I find good and use myself too. When I call them, however, I do have an affiliate link to the product.

Through those affiliate links I earn about 300 euro extra per month.Not a revolutionary big amount, but since I write a blog once a week, I find it paid well to add a little ribbon.

In Affiliate Marketing There are several ways to use affiliate links.

Share Links

There are starting affiliate marketers who without thinking affiliate links on social media put and expect to make sales.They often come from a cold carnival at home.

The chance that someone clicks on the link and actually buys something is very small.They weren’t looking and are also not tempted to buy anything.

Social media like Instagram bets in conjunction with your own Affiliate Marketing site can work well.

Own blog

Put your Affiliate Marketing in then you often have a website.

If you want to make sales with Affiliate Marketing then you have to do some trouble.This can be by writing articles about those products.

Do you ever Blog about webhosting and are your own hosting on an affiliate network?Then you can easily name them and use an affiliate link.

Win-win situation, you help your visitors by referring them to a good hosting company and you also get some money for it.Other types of articles are products reviews, Top 10 products, inspiration blogs (such as outfit of the day posts).

Webshop model

You can also have your own ‘ shop ‘ full of advertisers ‘ products.In doing so, you don’t actually sell the products but link to the Advertiser from the category pages and/or product pages. Sites like this can be reasonably easy to make via the AFFILIATE CMS Stellia .

Comparison site

Compare your products then you can use a comparison site to put the prices of providers next to each other.

Technically, it’s a challenge to keep everything up-to-date. (Previously mentioned affiliate CMS supported this feature).

Online Tools

Are you creative with code?Then you can put together your own tool such as a perfume search engine where you can find a nice smelling perfume for your partner, based on the fragrance description.

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