What is the best way to avoid negative thoughts?

Most of us have negative thoughts.The best way to prevent them is to cultivate alternative thoughts.

I’ll give you the most common negative thoughts below.And also an alternative way of thinking.


I’m not good enough

When we feel that we are not good enough, we doubt ourselves and have a low sense of self-esteem.

But the truth is that everyone is good enough. You may not have the skills to accomplish what you want today, but you are certainly good enough and you are worthy to get what you desire.

If you have a 10 euro banknote and it falls on the ground in a muddy puddle, does that 10 euro lose its value?Sure not! So why would you feel less valuable based on what you have done in your life? Don’t limit yourself, because everyone is good enough.

New positive thought: I am worthy to accomplish what I want.

2.I can’t

Henry Ford said: 芒 鈧?艙Whether you think you can do it or that you can’t, you’re right. 芒 鈧?/p>

When you tell yourself that you can’t do something, send that message to your brain, and that will be your experience.Your brain won’t try it if you’ve already told it you can’t.

New positive thought: I can supply everything I’m on.

3.I don’t have as much luck as other people

Do you also have the illusion that other people’s lives are better, that they are more fortunate?Perfection does not exist, and there is often a lot of trouble in that 芒 鈧?虄lucky鈩? Thinking that you will never be lucky, deprives you of strength. And it’s simply not true.

New positive thought: good things can happen to me too.

4.I don’t think I’ll…

What you believe becomes your reality.You create your future every day through the choices you make, and through your habits. You can sabotage the opportunities on your path by limiting your thoughts. How would it be to believe that you can do and experience what you really desire? Do not Stop before you have given yourself a chance.

New positive thought: I am confident that I am…

5.I should be better than I am

The word 芒 鈧?虄zou芒 鈧劉 In this sense makes you feel less than you are.

How often do you hear yourself (against yourself) saying: 芒 鈧?虄I should be smarter, have more discipline, do more, 芒 鈧?娄 then now. 芒 鈧劉 How do you feel about doing so?Not so good right?

Instead, how would it be to set yourself a goal to change what you are not satisfied with?Instead of telling yourself what you would need 芒 鈧?虄芒 鈧劉 or 芒 鈧?虄would Willen芒 鈧劉 do? Take action to change things.

New positive thought: I put steps to change what I don’t like.

6.I’m not strong enough

It is very human and normal to not feel strong enough at certain times.What is important is how to talk to yourself afterwards: do you feel the feeling? Or do you say to yourself that you are strong enough to deal with what is occurring?

New positive thought: I am strong enough to deal with this.

7.Worst Case Scenario

Negative thinking is thinking in terms of the worst case scenario.How would it be to suggest you the best case scenario instead?

Our thoughts are very powerful and whether you are imagys the worst or the best scenario, you will influence your results.

Stop focusing on what you want in favor of what you do want.

We all have some of these negative thoughts. That is human.But if the majority of your thoughts goes in this direction, then you are hiding your own happiness.

Don’t limit yourself any longer.Become a master of your thoughts. Alone, or with a life coach. Because by becoming master of your thoughts, you also become a master of your life. Whatever you think, you’re right!

Source: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

Enumerating positive business.

Sounds faint, but give it a try.And look especially what you feel then.
Research Why those positive things are positive.

To be true without indicating resistance.

If you do not give energy stop this thought by itself.

Trying to completely prevent negative thoughts is as far as I am concerned really useless and unstarted work.In too many clich茅s expire here on Quora is that too, but maybe you can see if you want something/can learn or reverse those thoughts..

You can teach yourself when you feel confronted with thoughts, which you considered too negative or unilateral, to dissect the thoughts.This is possible using all sorts of schedules, ‘ ‘ tricks ‘ ‘ or, for example, spiritual approaches. There are also lots of informative Youtube videos on this topic.

Going through a G-Schema is quite a common method of testing/questioning your thoughts or events.We share it in 5 aspects; Events, thoughts, feelings, behavior and consequence. Here a simple and multi interpretable Movie:

It can also help to find the physical more physically.Shouldn’t you just do more sports or is it useful when those nasty thoughts take on too much direction for your feelings, that you are going to walk a bit (2 or 10 minutes)? Can you unsubscribe or pronounce your thoughts well enough?

It is a misunderstanding that you have to take every thought seriously.Nevertheless, they deserve your attention if you suffer from it. What’s so right at the moment what you want to blocken from your mind? These can be very violent themes but also small-perhaps on the first idea silly-subjects.

Both is not strange:) And from both you can find out if you want to solve it on your own or if you need more professional help.Your GP knows a lot more about it.

Also captivating; Look for some dust on the internet from Covey’s ‘ ‘ Circle of Influence ‘ ‘ (‘ ‘ How much influence and accountability lies within my power.Proactively responding ‘ ‘)

Non duality.A more spiritual approach.Speaking of which; Sometimes, for certain people, praying or meditating can also help. Non duality is not spiritual in that sense of ‘ ‘ candles, gems and praying ‘ ‘-but the angle of approach to approaching a conflict or thoughts is adjacent to what we see a lot in, for example, Buddhism.

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