What is the best thing you have learned today?

Today I learned that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
I have learned to ignore others and continue to go my way.

I have been living in Germany again for three weeks.
Before that I lived in Barcelona for 16 months.
A life in Barcelona has been my dream since childhood.

Now that I’m back, a lot of people ask me what I want to do.

Do you do your master’ degree?
Don’t want to apply for a job in a big company?
You did the Bachelor and now you don’t want to do anything in that direction?
Anything with Spanish would be great?

Everything meant nicely.

When I say that at some point I want to make money by writing, that at some point I want to be so free and work a few months in Barcelona, a few in Germany and the rest anywhere else in the world, I am ridiculed.


If things go well, I’ll be ridiculed.


My entire childhood I was ridiculed for my dreams.

Even as a child I saw a life in Barcelona.

Years later, everything I saw long before became a reality.

When I studied in Barcelona and stayed there after my studies, many looked at me in amazement.

On the other hand, I saw my dreams crystal clear in front of me for a long time and felt inside that I was going to Barcelona.

If you know deep inside what you want to do, I hope that the 5 factsI learned from my situation will help you to realize yourdreams.

  • Nobody looks to the future for you

No one can imagine your future for you.
No one can see your future for you.
No one can influence your future.
Unless you allow this.

No one cares about your dreams as much as you do.
And that’s exactly how it has to be.
It’s your dreams.
You are responsible for advancing your dreams.
Because one day you will realize your dreams and enjoy living them.

  • Everyone just wants the best for you

Everyone wishes you your best.
They express their opinion and recommend things to you.

But the vast majority want you to do what is secretly the best thing for them.

This is often a subconscious process.It’s natural.
Grandparents, parents and friends want you to live a safe life.
Don’t take it badly for these people and see the positive:
They care about you and want your best.
Even if they recommend things that would be the worst thing in the world for you.

  • Hard work and ignorance are necessary

No matter what your dream is.You will need time to realize your dream.

Sometimes the opinion of others can be paralyzed.Especially the opinion of people who are close to you.

Hard work and ignorance are in most cases responsible for someone’s dreams.

  • Most people only see what they want to see – and that’s usually the negative

5 half a year I go to the gym.
Most comments I get about my vulnerabilities.

Compared to my torso, my legs don’t seem muscular.
That’s a bit of a part of my genetics but mainly because I play a lot of basketball and get my body in shape for basketball.

People will see the negative in your achievements.
It is important that you evaluate your achievements objectively and continue to work positively on you.because:

Positivity is the only effective weapon against negativity.

  • Nobody knows you as well as you do

Nobody knows what you are ready to give up for your dreams.
Nobody knows what you’ve already given up on.
Nobody knows how much you work on your dreams every day.
Few see how much you have improved.
Nobody knows how much you want it.

And that will always be the case.
Trust in yourself!
Work on your dreams!

So that one day you are not desperate and sad and become a person who trivialises and ridicules other people’s dreams because they gave up their own dreams a long time ago.

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