What is the best thing you have experienced this week?

Last Tuesday…

I picked up my eldest son of almost five in a play paradise.

Months ago I was there last.

As always, I was tempted into a game of playing tag around a huge monkey climbing frame.

It was my turn to tap.

“Haha Daddy, you don’t get me to tackle….”

He was right.

I did not get him to tackle.

The last time we played this I kept myself in and I just didn’t rant.

But this time…

I did not like it.

He was faster than I got, really faster.

That did something with me…

Competitively as I am,

-Passed by my son-,

If this was a great sensation,

Wonderful moment.

Oh that’s hard.My week is always full of beautiful things.

What was cool Tuesday was that my husband found out that a band, of which we had such a thing of ‘ that we will never see, because those touring only in America ‘ (so let it go) in the Milky Way plays in December.

I was shocked by a hat when suddenly some primem cry came out of his mouth.’ THEY COME TO THE NETHERLANDS!!!! ‘ Cheering he ran a lap through the living room. Then he came back to me-with watery eyelets ‘ that is OUR music sweetheart! ‘ ‘ Our ‘ by that he means as people have a ‘ number ‘ together, this band is ‘ our ‘ number to say so. Have we ever discovered together while zapping about YouTube and from that moment it has become OUR thing. Fantastic. Wednesday morning he jumped on the bed ‘ YES!! ‘, this morning the blankets were gone ‘ hey.. In December it’s so far! ‘ He has a sense in;) His energy is as pure as that of a child, I can really enjoy it!

The heaviest was somewhere also called the most beautiful

In addition to the weekly phone calls with my children, I once again met.The plan was therefore an ice cream food. Given my stress sensitivity and little flexible peace of mind, the plan was for an hour. I have to say that the last times all went quite relaxed, but not today.

We also went to play football, but the schedule ran in the soup, because the desired ice creams were not immediately available due to a malfunction.My son is already almost as stressful chicken as me and doesn’t like unpleasant surprises either. It took a while before we had everything on the ride again and I was already quite irritable, even though it manages to stay relativating better than before and staying positive.

The footballing also did not very flex and the mood of son Lief was as usual also quite variable, the Apple falls not far from the tree.After some energetic stress moments we returned to the Ijskiosk, where (Lord Zebaoth and son thank you) the Swirls were on sale again. Then it was best relaxed and the second part was quite cosy.

The paradox is also that just such strubblings make me realise that the separation and the father-to-distance are the wiest choice for all and that I do not have to fear that God and Aslan will still split me into a forced reconciliation with my ex in the stomach , His mercy is enough to me.It was good to experience the reality and see my present freedom as God’s gift.

So, in addition to an eventual good time with the children also remembered again the happiness and blessings of my current status.


Can you regret getting children?Is this something that you can tell your child?

Answer from Cornelis Zandbergen on what is something that is seen as selfish, which you would say is acceptable?

The freedom of nature

“Let go and you have both hands free” was something that got me to the ears and I could pass that on to a number of people.Delicious. Had nice moments with others, just enjoy and record these moments.

‘, ‘ A day of ‘ bonding ‘ with my daughter

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