What is the best thing you did when you were alone and depressed?

Haii, I’m MelinaJulia.I have a dysthymic disorder (slight prolonged depression.)

And these are my best things I have done (:

  • I was sitting on an app called Daylio, okay.. Wait with the prejudices.

Daylio is an app where you keep track of everything you’ve done. So you select a few things you’ve done every day; Once or twice a day. So if you’re on the app, for example, you’ll select School, groceries, and gaming. That’s what you’ve done then. And so you can keep it more and more. Or, you’re adding how you feel. That’s what I did. I added ‘ uncomfortable ‘ and ‘ depressed ‘ to the list of things you could select, but also people I talked to like ‘ friends ‘ or ‘ board game ‘ I soon had something of 30 things in the list of things I could do. Because hey, cycling is also something you do! Public transport too! So in that way I realised that I actually did best and hope. And with those uncomfortable and depression boxes, I learned that you can feel terrible physically but also mentally. And I learned that if I felt physically bad, that didn’t have to be mentally too. I mean, that I have abdominal pain does not mean that I cannot have a smile on me face? And so on. It really worked very well for me, at some point I am working too busy which I unfortunately had no time for (to fill in everything) but I still benefit from it.

  • I dressed myself no more ‘ baggy ‘ no oversizethe clothes anymore or everything super soft, more comfortable and stylish.
  • Yes, you can. And it certainly helped! I cannot be in bed for a long time now. I feel so uncomfortable when I am lying in bed for a long time.. Really terrible. So when I go out of bed; Equal everyday clothes! Very sometimes I do have a pajama day or I keep my pajamas a little longer in connection with showering, but otherwise nothing.

  • I started dodging the series, movies, and people I didn’t feel very good about.
  • Listen: You have of those people who are always depressed and perhaps nice.. But they send. They don’t receive anything, so they just talk and talk about themselves and they don’t ask how it goes with you and certainly not intensive. Send them. And if they feel terrible, they constantly ask for advice even though you have already given it 10 + times but they do not listen. If you are so, know that is okay. I also know no one who has not been through such a phase; Because that’s it too. (For many though.) Good that you realize this and maybe ask around you what you can do. Do not try to be ‘ sensitive ‘ too harsh. And then not that faint of ‘ are you a slappeling? ‘ No, that moment in which you cannot have anything. Fast emotionally etc. If you are, look at it too. In The times when I was emotional and sensitive, I was off my autism group. I was slowly building up for 2 months ever more emotionally. Not sad, but fast angry and all the way back and forth between all the emotions.Also beware if you are in such a situation, do not make sure you have a burnout or stay in bed again.If something like that happened, slowly build everything up again. Even if you do a little shopping on a whole day. As long as you do something .Keep eating too. If only an apple or some yogurt. (No chips. If you have nothing to do, you can also become depriester.)

  • It’s okay to recharge your batteries.
  • Just a day at nothing.That’s what so many people do, more than you think.Just a day all for yourself to do your own thing and recharge after all the energy that is pulled out at you. That is allowed. And it’s delicious. My charging days consist of TV, dog leaving, riding noodle soup making and painting or reading book. Totally top right?

  • I was not alone.
  • The thing is, if you find that you are lonely, then you think nothing other than that. This is what happened when I was still on that autism group; I sat K and E doing karaoke together and I felt lonely, it came in rock hard and I didn’t know what to do. I sat down with the sociotherapist (also called a supervisor) and talked about it. She said that I was actually very social! I was completely amazed. We agreed that we would go in again and write down what I did not do in terms of social actions. Well, I had a conversation with 2 people and much more. So I constantly thought I was lonely.. I wasn’t at all! So this is a tip if you feel alone. Write on all the social things you have done; Smiling at someone, talking to someone, getting food. Even if it’s with your parents! Yes, you can also feel lonely and don’t really have many people around you. But look for those, you have enough clubs and activities, it’s just a search! You can also go on a sport, slowly building up can always. And hey, Bordspel evenings also exist! You really have a lot of ways to be more active. But be sure that those people also have a bit of the same interests as you. (Or build interests. Especially if you have autism then it is good to go looking for the interest.) Because if they do not have the same interests or do not work like you, you can soon end up in the situation (like me now) where your best friend has not said or sent anything for 3/2 weeks because he has exams and is a gigantic introvert and book addict , so he never really sits on his phone. Useful.. (I’ll save me though!)

  • Find recognition for your own feelings around your depression.
  • But especially recognizing yourself. Because I’ve accepted myself, it’s going to be better many times. Also know that depression is hereditary. From the point I started taking those charging days and accepting me depression too, I have been able to do everything. I now go to concerts and walk every day with the dog. I also had so much guidance and a therapist, they all helped. But, you have to be open to it. If you are not open to the help, then it cannot help you. I mean you can’t paint the room even if the doors of the house are locked. (Through the window become a little tricky.) Know, too, that depression comes from anger. Sounds weird, I know I myself was completely angry about why that was said, but it is like that. I also get stressexceem when I feel depressed. (;

    Best of luck, and I am there if you have any questions.

    Tackle stuff and FF Travel has given me new energy.

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