What is the best thing you can do personally to keep the environment clean and prevent pollution?

Vote on a political party that really does best with the environment.

All the other is scribble in the margin.SAY: You want power plants to emit no CO2, what can you do:
A.The light. If you don’t use electricity anymore, they don’t have to be raised either.
B.Put solar panels on your roof so you can turn the light back on.
C.You join Greenpeace and with their in the chimney of the first the best coal power plant climbing.
D.On Green Left voices, which want to close all coal-fired power stations as soon as possible.

At A you can note that it is totally pointless, as long as the rest of the country fires the light, apart from the fact that a dark house is not exactly ideal. Therefore, if you continue to step B, the result of step A-the rest of the country is still using dirty current-as long as many other people do the same, but that does not happen.There you need at least the politics for that to run smoothly, and then you come out at D.
If you climb into a chimney, you might get the front page of the newspaper, but as long as the VVD remains in power, that will be very little.
Remains about: D. Only politics can really bring about change here.Apart from giving signals, they can change the law by means of power, allowing processes to be initiated that bring down CO2 emissions.

The same idea can also apply to other environmental problems: pollution, pesticides, the degradation of soil life, animal rights, the plastic crisis, etc.Of course, you can change a lot of your behaviour, but as citizens, we simply cannot know everything. We have literally outsourced the protection of our environment to the administration and politics. That failure hopeless and therefore we go to the. As a simple consumer, try to do your shopping without products that:
-Do not contain poison (pesticides, fertilizer, ingredients of detergents)
-Not packed in plastic
-Animal-friendly produced
If you have to check every product you buy that first, you’ll be in the store all day.

Of course you personally do what you can.Practice What you preach! So you stand as short as possible under the shower (tap open, wet-tap close-inzepen-tap open and rinse, tap close and ready!), replaces your lighting with LED lights, runs only a full washing machine, moves you on the bike or with the OV, brings you Glass, paper and plastic to the Recycle Bin and gft to the Compostbak, throws no food away, and you just buy only what you really need and that as sustainable and organic as possible. Meat and milk products you eat as small as possible, if you are in the super choice between a product in a plastic packaging or one of glass, paper or cardboard, do not choose plastic. You prefer not to go by plane on holiday. And getting children is also not good for the earth.

Most of these measures are not all that far-reaching, and I am therefore in regret in my heart that most people do not have the same thing, not even a little.That is why we need politics to take decisions at a higher level that can make society as a whole more sustainable.

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