What is the best thing you can do if you see people fighting on the street?

Step 1: Call 112
Step 2: If you have a phone with you: Photo/video
Step 3: Call Fire (not help) to get attention
Step 4: Make sure you don’t get involved

There is no clear answer to that.
So many factors play with this.
Can you come in between or not?Are weapons involved? How is your own condition? Are you male or female? Do you come out of your words well? Where are you geographically seen?
Every situation is different!
But keep in mind that you need to assist someone in need in the Western world.
Depending on the severity, call your security services.

Fire, Fire, fire

Do not call for help, call that there is fire, then you get the most attention.People do not respond to call for help.

This is also a tip for all women or children, should you ever be taxed, again, make sure you are an opponent and get help by shouting that it burns, that there is an earthquake, that erupting volcano.What you come to mind, but something that makes people look up.

With my 72 years and physically not very big/strong it seems to me wiser 112 to call, myself in between come in the past sometimes in serious living or even the death of the person who tried to come between the fighting parties.

That depends on the situation. I can say anything, but if you are in the situation at that moment you know how to react.It also depends on your personality and your standards and values. You don’t know the nature of the quarrel, so you have to be careful not to intervene in a situation that you do not know the cause of. In other words, there are too many factors that make it undetermined what a best outcome is.

Police call

Always call the emergency number.

The phone number 112 is precisely meant to not put yourself in (even more) danger, and it gives you the opportunity to leave the handling of dangerous situations to experts, while you do not do nothing at all and only allow to watch.

Then the mindless sufkoppen, which hinder caregivers in carrying out their tasks, should only learn even more, that that kind of behaviour is simply drowsy and cannot.

Very hard call.Immediately call 112 and help any victims.

Depends on a lot of variables.


Day night

Presence of other people

Accessibility of emergency services

How much is the other group

Are there weapons present

And also a very important psychological factor who is attacked?

Generally if it is an altercation that is escalating, I call the emergency services because that makes you feel like you know when it is out of hand.

On the other hand I have training, I can defend myself. I’m not going to be watching when someone is being put together then I grab it. Now I have to be honest when I walk with family members, there is one in need, if I do not get it in a safe place before it escalates.I can not intervene.

If it is a matter of I only with the two fighting persons then I grab In yes. First, it’s your civic duty and secondly, the cowardice you show by walking breaks up. The person who committed the violent crime will only be , but feel strengthened because you were afraid of him or her.And we cannot have that.

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