What is the best strategy for inboundmarketing in 2019?

That depends on your product or service, and your target audience.

It is striking that most consumers do not actually use the Internet/search engine anymore, but that they spend a strongly increasing percentage of their time on the apps of their preference; Facebook was the leader in this and is still not entirely irrelevant, but I would delve into the apps that your audience uses, the level of information needed for them, and the algorithm that determines how best to show and receive your promotion.

Which and how, you can best invent it by starting a small campaign on each designated platform and measuring the result.

The sources below give you even more info.




[1 Mobile Time Spent 2018

[2 Consumers are spending a lot more time in retailers ‘ apps

Marketing a product depends on the demand so a strategy is aligned with the demand.Consumer products including primary foods and all day items that are also available in supermarkets, you will not be seen as quickly going by on social media channels However, the more luxurious and secondary products, will be previously Published on channels such as Facebook and Twitter and the channel Instagram. What you do see is that the retail industries are very much in the play on the needs of the youth generation, for example, take clothing, footwear and brand-related products, which are distributed far more on social media channels because these Mediums for many young people has become a second TV and can often only be reached via that kind of channels. For example, it is a good strategy to approach young people through Instagram with popular car brands or expensive branded items. You will also see the market of supply and demand in the field of employment very much on social media. Nowadays, for example, LinkedIn is still purely a channel for verifying data but posting jobs on Facebook and Twitter is much more effective to find good candidates why, purely because the offer is much greater in potential. A good marketing strategy allows you to create based on profile needs the same as algorithms but keep sticking to mouth on mouth somewhere because this will always be the most powerful way to market consumer products so as to demand Answer what is the best, blogs and forums because there a product or service is well analyzed for the quality and quantity.

That’s for me “The Larger Market Formula”

What if I told you that there is a HIGH probability that 97% of your marketing efforts will be lost?

Check out a typical marketing campaign and you will see that the vast majority of their communications all revolve around the immediate sale…

  • Buy Now
  • Inquire now
  • Act now…

What if I would tell you that only 3% of your audience (on average) is willing to buy now?

How would you get the next conversation form?

This brings me to “The Larger Market Formula”

As you can see, there are layers/steps in this process and even the sales that feel fast will undoubtedly go through each stage before they buy from you.

If you want to know more about these and other marketing strategies, then you can read all about it in my ebook “6 Ways to Double Your Sales in 90 Days

Good question!

It is inbound marketing strategies only which help you to attract visitors toward your website, and turn them into sales.

There are three basic strategies of inbound marketing: Get found, convert, and analyze.

So, in order to find you leads and build an email database, as marketers for the Benelux market, we use Sales. Rocks platform to select and reach to our target audience.In just a few minutes we have a whole lead list with full company info.

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Inbound Marketing is a marketing theory developed by the American company Hubspot and is based on three principles “attracting, engaging, delighting”.It focuses on adding value at each stage of the customer journey. This means that as a marketer you don’t focus on pushing your product at first but on helping the potential customer.

Example of a good inboundstrategy for a webshop where everything is sold about baking cakes:

By regularly blogging with the aim of writing content that helps your potential customer build a relationship. Think of content like “7 tips to bake a perfect apple pie”.In addition, at inbound marketing, it means that you make sure that people find this article when they search for it, and so you do not push it through advertising to as many people as possible on their display until someone clicks. By optimizing SEO Well you can make sure that you are found at the moment that matters.

Then if that person needs ingredients or a baking form O.I.D. this person will buy that faster from this webshop because he/she is now familiar and familiar and has had a good experience.


  • Inboundstrategia focus on adding value;
  • Inboundstrategia do not interrupt someone from what he/she is doing at that time (for example, what social media ads often do) but make sure that you are found at the moment that matters.

For example by SEO.

Hopefully this is a bit clear so!

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