What is the best part of your day that no one knows about?

The best part of my day is going to sleep.

I’ve come to sleep hard all my life.It can sometimes take hours and I can be totally mad of all the thoughts that fly around in my head. As a child, I am going to deal with this by setting up scenarios and completely going into them. By focusing on one story I created peace in my head.

In addition, I have a great deal of success, and I often feel the associated emotions as if it really happens to me.I lie in bed, but I can make my biggest dreams come true. Sometimes the same scenario itself comes back into a dream and therefore feels it. Moreover, I learn to get to know myself better by imagining what I would do in several scenarios.

In the time I was severely depressed, this was often the only time when I could feel pure happiness.
At the moment I have had a nice day, these fantasies are exchanged by memories of the day itself, which only increases the happiness.

I never have it with people, because my fantasies are my fantasies, but sleeping is usually by far the best part of my day.

My day has a lot of good parts, all of which are observable, if you would look for it.

As standing up and being buried by under the cups of my cats.
Good feeling, recommended!

Then the smell of coffee, delicious!

The moment I then everyone with his breaddrum pushed out the door.Until this afternoon eh! Then I put my headphones on and I dance for just five minutes through the house. Just grow good vibes before you go into the evil world. My husband does know that I am doing this. The rest of the world does not generally know that I am only 5 years old at home;)

Then when I get to work I always hope I see that one boy.That’s one thing in my head though. I think he is nice, so I always do in my head as if it is a lucky day, if I have seen him. Again, you can’t boost that positive energy enough! And if I don’t see him, it doesn’t matter, my day is only EVEN better when I see him.

Then at 12 o’clock I have lunch.When the sun shines, it’s a moment of delight in itself. Nice booklet reading in the Sun. What more do you want?
Oh yeah if a butterfly flies over, it was so special for me.Last, a dragonfly was sitting on my toe, what?! What a blessing;)

All in all it is but how much fun you make it yourself.I think most people (who know me) can imagine the least when dancing through the House, but that’s what I think because my role at work does not allow dancing and singing, so they think I’m very quiet.

My best part of the day are in the whole early morning hours, or better said the night.I’m up at 1:30 and follow a lesson via internet from 2:00 to 5:00. I attend this lesson with men from all over the world, from Japan to Alaska, from South Africa to Canada. My teacher sits the lesson with his group from Petach Tikva, Israel.

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