What is the best (most useful or sustainable) thing you’ve ever bought from Ikea? What made it special?

Sometime in the late years 90 I bought a new desk with my parents at IKEA, together with a new office chair.Cost of the whole I know if not more, but the chair was very expensive, about 350 guilders at the time, much for an office chair. It is still a huge fine chair, good support of the loin, and and pleasant, exactly the good proportions for me.

However after 2 years this chair broke down, that is, after 2 years there was little dust and suspension left, the upholstery was torn everywhere.2 years was not very long for such an expensive chair. Luckily my mother knew how to board and arranged for the chair to be reupholstered. Meanwhile, 20 years later, I still have a lot of fun from this chair. The finest chair in the home and the finest office chair I’ve been allowed to use.

Now it is of course very unfortunate that IKEA has not used any better materials, instead of throwing it away again we have made the best of it and repaired it completely.In a world where sustainability is becoming more and more central, a company like IKEA should become more services, even after purchase, to strive for more sustainable solutions for smaller and larger defects in their products, not only within but Also outside the warranty period.

When I started moving as a student I bought two Billy bookcases.That was in 1986. Some removals later I use them still, now as a storage cupboard in the junk room.

The tool set.All the tools I need for all my Ikea projects are stored together. I use them of course for much more than just Ikea projects. Multifunctional, durable and transportable, I have had my set for more than 8 years and have already put together a lot of projects with it.

Our Electric beds!Enjoy it every day!

MUJN office chair.29 years ago from the bargain corner of IKEA Amsterdam. Despite clear sleet still fine chair.

In general, Ikea Furniture does not really last very long.That should not be a vereaxing given the price. But our Ektorp three-seater sofa is an exception. My wife had this for a year or 3 when she was with me. Now we have 10 years, 3 removals, and 4 coverings further, but the bench is still fine.

My Kitchen (cabinets), bought somewhere in the years 1991-1992 and they still go with it.

To tell you honestly the truth I have bad experiences with the durability of IKEA products.A few years ago I bought a bed for my daughter at IKEA in Groningen. And two years later, after two removals, that bed fell apart from misery!! Most furniture from IKEA are made of chipboard and have a very short life span of at most a few years. Since then I buy “just” old 2nd hand furniture of solid wood. The only products from IKEA that I can appreciate is their kitchen crockery and tools.

Minsteps.I have 2. Giant handy because my walls are 3mtr high and otherwise I can’t even get to the upper level. But also easy for the bookcase or at the top of a closet to be able to.

Cheap (Tientje each), sturdy and I like them even more (they are of white solid wood, nice basic).Even a handy grip so you can move them easily.

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