What is the best life advice you can give me for this year?

Don’t worry so busy.

There are so many life advices I’d wanted to get when I was younger.

No one tells you the harsh truths of life.

Perhaps because they can easily digest those harsh truths themselves.

Or because they think you should experience it yourself.

These are 7 things that nobody told you while you were grown up.

7 Life advice that you wish you had received in advance.

1.Don’t expect a calm sea

There will be many challenges and obstacles coming your way.Try to take life as it comes. Because against the flow in swimming you pit. So try not to be someone you are not.

Life is change: Learn from your mistakes and growth.Release things that you can’t change. Life is also the strictest learmaster you’ll ever have: you’ll often get the exam first, and then just the lesson.

2.Time is a limited raw material

Nothing lasts forever.Enjoy every moment: practice yourself in being present in the moment.It is important to taste the good moments in life because you also need those memories in the difficult moments.

Also enjoy being young while you are still young.You will never be as young as today. And no one knows how much time he/she really is going to have.The last thing you want is to look back on missed opportunities. And life is about seizing opportunities. Therefore, Don’t be afraid to try something new, move around or work somewhere else, meet up with people and learn new things.

3.Make your health a priority, not an option

Once in the back of the twenties and in the front of the thirty, it is important to also take care of your body: eating healthier and moving.Don’t think about it as a choice.Start developing a healthy lifestyle so that it becomes a habit. Take care of yourself on the physical, mental and emotional plane.

4.Learn how to keep your finances in order

Learn how to best manage your money: How accounts and savings formulas work, and how you can lend wisely.Your future self will be grateful to you. Buy quality. And above all: invest in yourself, in training, in your personal development (the best investment!), in your health and your relationships.

5.Attitude makes the difference

Attitude is not a profession in school, but it is what makes the difference in your life.A positive attitude makes your life easier and happier.Also when you deal with others and with the challenges of life. Because everyone knows ups and downs. So is life. So don’t despair, and don’t be too harsh for yourself.

6.How you deal with others is important

Approaching people with respect can bring a great end to the world.You catch more flies with syrup than with vinegar. Being kind is really important, and by getting down or accusing others you don’t touch anywhere. Take responsibility for yourself, your deeds and your feelings.

7.Relationships do not come naturally

Choosing a life partner is not evident.That applies to relationships in general 芒 鈧?”also for friendships and family relationships. Keep in touch with people who you give and who cares about you. Some friends will lose you, but that’s okay: not everyone who comes into your life stays forever. Let them go and cherish the people who are still in your life.Even though a relationship did not finish well, be thankful: You got the experience and learned from it.

Not only in relationships, but also in other areas you will have to deal with rejection.That hurts. But do not try to take it too personally.Often the rejection has nothing to do with you and everything with the person who rejected you. The better you can deal with rejection, the stronger your life is.

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