What is the best language to learn to become a web developer?


Many other languages can also but most literature is written in English and also many tutorials are in English… In addition most programming languages are also actually English language.That makes English the best language to learn…

When it comes to programming, you just have to forget your language.Spend two months to learn ANSI C so you can master the basic skills of programming (statements, loops, conditions) and then you should not give any more attention to language, but only to structure.

Because a web developer is constantly working on creating structures and not programming.If you use HTML/CSS, there is no line of code in it. It is all structure that indicates where there is text, where there are pictures and what colors and styles everything has. You don’t have to program anything.

In addition, you need to learn JavaScript where you can actually design small pieces of code that always edit and modify elements in your structure and control the page for a more dynamic whole.JavaScript looks somewhat like C so your two months C knowledge are well spent.

With this knowledge you should already be able to build a website with all the logic in the site itself.You can use third-party services if you wish, but you will end up with this. Put your HTML/JS/CSS files on the Web server and ready. This is not rocket science…

It becomes harder if you want to have more logic at the back.For example, if you want users to be able to log in and leave messages, you will soon need an additional programming language to build this logic. And there you have a lot of choices, including C#, Java, C++, Ruby, Python and many others. I don’t mention ASP. JUST because this is more the front because you use it to build the structure.And I don’t mention PHP for that reason either, because PHP was never really meant to build the back-end logic, but more to link back-end modules like ASP. JUST doing that with C#. However, these are also good choices, although I would only use PHP in conjunction with C or C++ and not just purely PHP.

Many programming languages use a syntax similar to that of C. Hence, starting with C is a good start. But as mentioned, you shouldn’t focus too much on the language you want to use because it depends on what you want to build.It may happen that you need to build a site in language X while you are an expert in language Y. Then you wouldn’t be able to build that site, while sites are simply complex structures that you build up somehow.

It’s not easy to become a good web developer.Start with HTML and CSS to understand the structure while using ANSI C (not C++!) to sharpen your programming knowledge. Then start practicing with JavaScript and then choose which language you want to learn first. And then try to get to know as many languages as possible so you can switch more easily.

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