What is the best Dutch television series ever made?

Might not be the very best series, but this could have gotten more attention than ‘ IE has got:

Crimi Clowns

A group of clowns from Belgium performs during the day in the villas of the wealthy, at night they empty the mess.

Everything (Kees) van Kooten and (Wim) de Bie made: from “The Klisjeemantidy” (1963) to “Van Kooten and De Bie” in 1998 an unforgettable career that covers 35 years full of unadulterated and often unforgettable humor with satire, laughing humor and sometimes what Profound and somewhat philosophical/psychological be where they drop types like the Temmes brothers, a Turkish middle-class, critical Avro members, Jomanda-like quacks like Klazien from Zalk, Berendien Uut wisp, B & W of Juinen.I know that after more than two decades I still want to say what my memory is, right?

Wo ist der Bahnhof?

I found many series from the years 90 very nice.Especially Fort Alpha and beware!Come to me upstairs.

Fort Alpha is about the merger between two secondary schools.One school was an elitist school and the other was an alternative school with free manners. In the series, there is frequent controversy between the ‘ Sjon NIEs and Anita’s ‘ of the Spiegel and the ‘ kakkers ‘ of the Rijks. They discussed many things openly, such as racism, drink, sex and drugs. A drama series with comic note. Played big names, think of Tygo Gernandt, Casper Jansen, Tatum dagelet, Jennifer de Jong and Daan Schuurmans.

Be careful!

A colourway spin-off of Dutch soil.Started as Spin-off of say ‘ ns AAA.I didn’t know either, I just read on Wikipedia. Two Opas with various personalities and interests, choose to bring their children Simone and Victor and their children Rik and Anna into their home. Simone and Victor are busy making career and a piece of education is thus at the Opas who both have no more woman.

It’s a very nice comic series.

I have been incredibly enjoyed looking for Jolanda and We are back home.

Completely out of the box, weird, crazy, with fantastic characters.

Very entertaining.

Floris is (one of) the best Dutch television series (s).The budget was unbeatable, Soeteman was a top director, and Rutger Hauer, well, little gem right?

The Best Youth Series: Bassie and Adriaan and the mysterious assignment.

The best comedy series: Beware!!!

The best educational series: great Light.

The best travel series: Travel Waes.

The best cooking program: the Travel table.

The best talk Program: Pauw and Witteman.

The Best Music program: Tout Fabienne.

The best game program: Wheel of Fortune (with Hans van der Togt).

The best Documentary Reserve: Frysl芒n DOK (OK i smuggling is friestalous).

The Lice mom haha!;)

Say A.

No wait, in the Flemish pot

“The best” depends entirely on one’s personal opinion.Furthermore, what the Netherlands produces on TV is of moderate quality. Let’s say A was indeed good too.

Can you tell me the way to Hamelin.

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