What is the best beer? What makes it special?

Best?What is best? It depends on so many factors.

The place (Sangria tastes much better now in Spain, Pastis really tastes only in France.), the company (with friends at cafe I prefer a different drink than with my wife in the Jacuzzi,…), my mind (if my wife invites me to the Jacuzzi I am Usually better than when I’m going to drink something with customers to say something), I’m with the car so I have to be very selective or I’m by bike and I can drink several beers, etc.

So no I find it very difficult to choose one.

Anyway I go for Belgian beer.Not that other countries cannot brew interesting beers but a little bit of chauvinism can’t hurt and I can always sell that an American beer is not good for my ecological footprint.

I am an Orval enthusiast.Orval is one of the Trappiste beers that Belgium is rich in. Orval is slightly cloudy reasonably hoppy with some fresh acid keys. Not everyone likes this, but tastes are different.

Crazy enough I find Geuze with rice a great good combination.But a traditional Geuze is not the sweet ‘ Bucht ‘. St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition or the Geuze brewery three fountains are two examples.

Secretly I actually find La Trappe Quadruple from just over the border actually nice, but that is unfortunately Dutch.We have to be strict, but I’m not stubborn. There are quite a few placed in Belgium that have La Trappe van’t VAT and we would like to make an exception that confirms the rule. The Quadruppel is slightly sweeter but has a rich intense flavor. But a penalty beer, one or two is more than enough unless you have nothing to do the day after.

In Antwerp on a summer terrace the choice is actually made quickly: there you drink a bolleke.Don’t ask me why but that tastes just a lot better.

If you do not have enough:

  • Cantillon Lou Pepe Pure Kriek
  • Rochefort Trappist 10
  • Westvleteren 12 (XII)
  • Brugge Tripel
  • La Chouffe
  • Westmalle
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru.
  • Triple Carmeliet.
  • Duvel

Lots of choice actually.

I once worked as a night receptionist in a very reputable hotel where the apprentice waiters were often at the bar to bid against each other in the evening on the great wines they had in their collection.I found it all extraordinarily interesting. Especially because they were just kidding to make first year statements about a wine from a year that didn’t exist. I always found a nice dis.

But you hear and learn some more.In the end I wanted to know what the sommelier found-not of that dis, but of the question what was actually the best wine. His answer was surprisingly sober.

“It depends very much on you as a person.But if you like it, you won’t get a headache if you drink a bottle of it and you find it affordable, then that’s the best wine for you. And that is the only criterion that counts. ” And, he added with a nod to it: “Let those boys in the evening but Dicks, when they start their sommelier training they do learn that” the best “does not relate to themselves but to what they have to donate their guests, and every guest is different , eats differently, and has a different budget. “

I do not believe that there is a difference with beer in that respect.

What the best beer is, I don’t know either.And how do you compare? To compare Pilsen with, for example, a geuze is totally absurd. Not to mention Trappist beer. The designation Trappist has nothing to do with the kind of beer, but with the conditions that the breweries have to answer. Like Kurt, I am a great lover of Orval, but don’t want a westmalle at all, but both Trappist beers.
And lately I’m even a supporter of non-alcoholic beers.
Like these anecdotes anyway.

I’m going to quizzes almost every Friday and occasionally we get such a bad do-ask.We once had to recognise 5 Pilsen and link it to 5 brands that we have. Now, I’m not a beer connoisseur. But from a report on TV I had once seen that Heineken was always the best in blind trials. So I told my colleagues in the team: “Let chauvinism take a moment for what it is. What you experience as the best beer, just put Heineken in there “. But no, Jupiler was the best beer and they knew it! (BTW, Jupiler scores in blind trials very meager). What turned out! Where they had put Jupiler, it turned out to be Heineken and what they think was the Dutch piss, turned out to be Jupiler.

And then there is something more really with non-alcoholic beer.Apparently most compare it to the alcoholic version of that beer? I personally think you should taste uninhibited and just decide whether you like it or not. An expectant pattern can cause a nice beer to suddenly no longer be delicious. This is a bit of a thing. I once wanted to drink a cup of coffee after dinner at work. I unfortunately noticed the coffee distributor that the coffee was on and then opted for hot Choco. I put myself back to the table and start talking to my colleagues, but I totally forget that I had hot Choco. As soon as I nipped it, I overstepped a feeling of disgust. “Bah, what a bad coffee was that!” (Expectant pattern!). Instead I thought “Hm, yummy Choco!”. The same mechanism arises if you compare non-alcoholic beers with the normal variant (Jupiler 0.0 vs Jupiler Pils, Leffe 0.0 vs Leffe Blond…). And I fear that the breweries are doing wrong to want to reinforce that image. For me it’s just an extra beer in the range.

OK, maybe not the expected answer, but I found that I could get rid of it here.

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