What is the best alternative or biggest competitor for Bitcoin? How do you earn money with cryptocurrency and what is the minimum investment?

Is it for what you use it for?As an investment? Then I say Ethereum. As a means of payment? Then I say Ripple.

You earn money in the same way as with shares.Although there is no underlying or return expectation, there is a shortage. If you believe in cryptocurrency as a value store and or as a future means of payment, I would advise you to keep them in the longer term instead of going with them.

There is no minimum investment because cryptocurrency can be divided up to ten decimal digits, but you have to take into account a transaction fee that may vary per wallet, usually a few tenth percent.

Although there are now technological better and safer cryptocurrencies, and by that I mean the underlying blockchain on which they run, Bitcoin is far from being bumped from the throne.Mainly because more and more institutional investors are showing interest in the cryptocurrency market and they mainly focus on Bitcoin itself.

When looking at cryptocurrencies that would be technologically better, it is mainly about the number of transactions per second (TPS) and of course the security.The crypto coins Zilliqa and Quark chain are falling in this area, but whether they will take the number one position of Bitcoin is not yet in any case not at the moment.

By the way, several parties are working hard to make the Bitcoin network run faster, safer and more TPS.

How you can make money with cryptocurrencies can be in multiple ways and is a too broad subject to discuss here in one answer, but since we are at the beginning of a new revolution of a new technology, it is sure to earn with investing in Cryptocurrency as long as you have some patience and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

If you want to earn with cryptocurrencies then HODL is the best strategy.HODL stands for hold more about this you can read here the TERM Hodl explained.With Hodlen it actually means that despite the huge price differences that the crypto market is absolutely not strange you just hold your crypto as there are large price rises expected within a number of years.

Do this only with the well-known crypto coins and not with one of the many altcoins that have no future.Do your own homework and do not assume the many advices of Cryptogurus on YouTube, for example.

That brings me to the last piece of your question and that is the minimum investment.Once again, never invest more than you are willing to lose. You could invest a small amount every month, an amount you would not miss in principle, so not your money for rent, mortgage or other important matters. Buy Bitcoin for the same amount each month or divide the amount over some altcoins in addition to Bitcoin and save it in a secure wallet and do not keep up with the quotes too much.

More information on buying cryptocurrencies can be found here Buy cryptocurrency.

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