What is the best age to travel?

You need three things to Travel: time, Money, and energy.

If you are 20 you have time and energy.
But no money.

If you are 40 you have energy and money.
But no time.

If you are 70 you have time and money.
But no energy.

So you’re never without problem.It is important, at any age, to solvethe existing problem.

Good trip!

As a student in your practical year or summer vacation.Make the trip a work trip. Step to the office of the KNSM of the Holand America line and ask for a job on a ship on the Grand Canal.

For me it is 76. Next year maybe one more.My engine is still doing well.

The best age to travel is that time you are young, have no bindings, no responsibilities.That is usually somewhere between 17 and 25. Interestingly, it is also the time that you usually don’t have the money for such trips. By the time you have the money (so against the 50) then your life situation no longer has to do so something.

I am in favour of the PRMmethod to answer here (Purpose, Results, Massive Action Plan).The answer to this question will therefore be different for everyone.

In order to apply the PRM method, you can answer the following questions:

  • What is the reason I want to travel?


  • What result does my journey feel like a successful step?
  • (results)

  • What do I need to do to achieve my purpose and result?
  • (plan)

    Especially the last step should be detailed.But if you know the answers, that will make the route to your travel arrangements easier.

    The themes to consider in your plan:

    • What is my budget
    • How much time do I want to be from home
    • Where do I go
    • Who do I want to embark on this adventure

    If you have no idea how to answer these questions.Then I come to the power of fashion learning: ‘ ‘ Copy what someone else does to achieve a very similar result ‘ ‘.

    With that my tip.Ask yourself: who made a trip that I think: I want THAT too!

    Call, mail, contact him or her.Ask in detail about the preparations for this trip. Copy that plan, you’ll be there!

    In summary : Age is not relevant in my opinion.It revolves around your goal, the desired result and your detailed plan to achieve it!

    Nice trip!🙂

    Between 9 and 99. Some people think otherwise, but I find traveling with very young children pointless.They still forget everything and are often a torment for yourself and their environment.

    In addition, I was in my time: If you are young you have time but no money, if you are older you have (more) money but no tiid.So if you’re young take the time and travel cheaply. If you are older travel more efficient and expensive. Exceptions.

    I started on my first long trip with 22. I traveled to Indonesia via Singapore and to South Korea to my pen-girlfriend.

    It pleased me so well on the way that I decided to stay longer than the planned two months.Also, I had spared enough to be able to do that. Eventually I stayed in Asia for six months.

    When I returned home, I asked myself the same question, but a little bit different.I knew the answer already and I had to make sure that I could create a situation where that was possible. So I started training at the AVR in Leiderdorp (General Vocational School for the travel agency). During this training, one of the teachers taught me that I had to go to work as a steward for a while. It was very suitable for me. I didn’t really agree with it, but I did. I then had written a dozen or so different airlines around the world and I ended up with the German Lufthansa. The intention was to stay there for two years and finally I stayed there for 30 years.

    And that was really the best time to travel: from my 25th to my 55th.I have seen many large cities, at the beginning also had a lot of free time on the way. Sometimes I was three weeks (on a flight to Sydney) on the way, often I had a day or three somewhere free or I stayed for two weeks in 脙 漏 脙 漏 N City, but made in between flights (Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro)….

    This was great: I earned money, was paid for my travels and could also live well from home.

    Now I’m 61, live for six years in Thailand and travel occasionally once more.I enjoy my “still” life. We now occasionally travel by public transport or by car within Thailand to a place where we have never been and have been homesick after two days.

    I have been delaying a trip to the Netherlands for over a year and a half.Every time I take me back to go to it, but there are always reasons (no financial) in between and I set it off again a few months.

    So now at this age I can travel but I don’t want to be more real.

    I think that if you were to lead a “normal” life, it is so, as many have already written: If you are young you have the energy, but no time or money, if you finally have money, you also have energy but no time and when you are older you will have a lot of time , but less energy and maybe less money.

    If you know this and you are still young enough, look for a profession where you can travel a lot, but you also have time to enjoy the places where you are staying on the way.I will not recommend you do the same as I do, because the times of long layovers are over. But there are certainly other professions, with which you can do it.


    Any age.

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