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Actually I do that already: Audite et respect partem.(also hear the other party).Maybe that’s not the best advice for everyone. Whoever does it does not need such advice.

But for myself it is important that I see/hear/join two sides of a case.That’s not always fun. For example, in such a conflict as the Israeli/Palestinian lies the cause for an important part in how the West thought to divide the world. And in religion of course. It is about two peoples who are very closely related and who have been opposed in history.

History of Israel-Wikipedia

This Wikipedia article begins with the remark that the neutrality of the article is disputed.That is because it is also so incredibly complicated and full of dilemmas. Read the talk page and you’re a step deeper into the controversies.

Think about how exactly we in Baarle Nassau/Baarle Hertog determine the boundary between two neighbouring countries and hold them in a cramped way, or the Irish and Northern Irish at their borders and compare that with how much convenience from 1916 a large area where all people lived, far Outside of Great Britain and France was simply divided into the Sykes-Picot Treaty between those two European superpowers.

Of course, one party may have sympathy in a partial conflict, or the other.But that does not mean that there are also legitimate or at least understandable complaints on the other side.

Sex in a relationship:

If you have a good sexlife, sex is 10% of your relationship.

Got a bad sex life is t 90%

Take yourself and life not too seriously

Being human means that we are messing around, keeping childish habits, making silly mistakes, and in some aspects little learning and advancing.This will keep you mild to yourself and others, because we are in the same boat of trying to make the best of it in a messy world with our own messy skills, mistakes and choices.


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