What is the appeal of driving an SUV?

This stimulus is mainly illusory.The most common arguments for buying such a roadblock (I admit that I have the things wg. Futility cannot stand) are more security – which shouldcorrectly mean “higher security” – and the space available.

The first point derives from the higher seating position and is pure imagination.On the contrary, since the centre of gravity of an SUV has moved upwards along with the seat position and vehicle weight, tilting and rolling are greater. In other words, in certain situations, which require, for example, a ripping of the steering wheel or otherwise result (driving errors happen again and again, everywhere), the conceited safe vehicle has a much greater risk of ending on the side or the roof than a Non-SUV of the same length and width. To make matters worse, the supposed point “I sit higher and see more” does not survive a closer look unscathed. Together with the seating position and the centre of gravity, the lower edge of the windows has also gone up. The area around the vehicle, which is not visible to the drivers, has become larger, not smaller. Due to the imaginary extra safety, many SUV owners show a driving style bordering on the antisocial: “Nothing can happen to me, the others will brake already.” Personally, I have no penchant for panic in traffic, but when I see a safe-feeling 1.60-metre person at the wheel of such a two-tonne tank in the middle of a large spot that is blind to that person, I am served.

Michael Stal rather inadvertently makes important points against SUVs – the injury and/The risk of damage to the opponent of the accident is considerably higher, especially for pedestrians or motorcyclists, and while the stress may be lower for the SUV driver, it is increasing for everyone else. This is quite the opposite of Community.

Space.Someone for whom space is a primary criterion when buying a vehicle will not resort to an SUV, but to something at the lower end of the image scale. VW Caddy or Fiat Doblo, minivans, station wagons – that’s what people who needspace buy.Judging by the amount of space SUVs take up, the interior offer is rather shabby. I can only advise to take a walk through an inner city car park, e.g. in Frankfurt, especially the one under Goetheplatz, and pay attention to who has parked how badly. Here, too, SUVs are extremely negative. Thick suitcases whose drivers can’t see the parking signs and aren’t particularly interested anyway, otherwise they’d get back in and at least try to get by at the right angle with just one parking space. Since I have to go to this most hated car park in Frankfurt at least once a month, I see time and again prime examples of why SUVs are so unpopular with those who do not drive them. Two months ago it was an X5 with extra-wide tyres, at the wheel a mother. about in his late 20s, with toddler. (I stopped for a moment to enjoy the spectacle.) Parked over two parking spaces, with the separation almost in the middle of the car, in the open car a recognizably expensive, collapsible stroller. But if she has this stroller folded up in the trunk, she should sell the SUV and buy a sprinter instead. After all, the short version would be convenient enough.

What else is there?SUVs are heavier than other vehicles with the same area requirement and have a much larger end area due to their height, both resulting in higher fuel consumption and higher exhaust emissions. Off-road capability? Ha-ha. Shaved parking spaces at tennis clubs, gravel pits or some restaurants are no terrain, and the overwhelming majority of SUVs never see more (this also applies to “real” SUVs). High towing load? That may be the case, but again, the number of people who actually pull heavy trailers through the area remains low compared to the registration figures. In 2016, more than 700,000 SUVs and SUVs were registered in Germany, a share of more than 20%. No one who is still in his mind would seriously want to claim that they are all snimby around the terrain or pulling heavy trailers. I would estimate this proportion to be one tenth, and that is very generous. Do we remember the point that SUVs pose a high risk to everyone else in the event of an accident, with the possible exception of lorries? Over 20% approvals, which disproportionately endanger the rest, thank you also.

Oh, by the way, there is another point that the SUV horde is either unaware of at all or simply ignores it: construction sites on motorways.The width indicated in the vehicle license is measured without a mirror, but that doesn’t matter. In many motorway construction sites, the left lane may only be used up to a maximum width of two metres, and “total width” includes the mirrors. Yikes! Since the exterior mirrors of SUVs are often reminiscent of the ears of Dumbo or Prince Charles, they are almost always more or less well above this limit. Who does not know this situation? Two-lane construction site (in one direction) on the motorway, on the right a truck drives… and on the left directly behind the truck an SUV, whose driver cannot see the lane limit on the left and is not allowed to drive in this lane anyway. But that does not seem to be so bad, because it is perfectly sufficient for others to abide by the traffic rules.

So what is the appeal of getting such a senseless vehicle?A quote from the Milka grandpa, who was previously known in the advertisement, comes up: “Isch cool, M盲n!” But it is. Is on trend, image, ready. The rest are, at best, pretexted pseudo-arguments that coincide without comment under an objective glance.

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