What is supergravity and how is it proven?

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What is a substantial bonitistic directional effect?
Why is searching for the gravitational ?

The problem that has already been discussed internally is the like-belief and the stark difference to the call numbers.Because obviously the ordinary audience doesn’t understand what you use the likes for and how the followers learn that there is something interesting to read. So your followers learned through your sharing or even your likes what was worth reading. But due to the extreme mismatch between the number of calls and the likes, you can now see if this is going to be just such a thing. “Is it proven that time can be at different speed? “.

So, let’s see what comes of it, because this answer is certainly a sensation, but it certainly won’t be for cowards.

The key question still to be discussed is:
How does a gravitational field change the moving mass of matter and thus experience permanent changes in the field?

If gravity undergoes a change corresponding to a measurable magnitude, which then corresponds to the energy of an increase or decrease in mass, then there is an interaction.This is the tried and tested concept of energy transfer, from a material object. However, gravity vehemently opposes this principle. From what should be insinuated, one should look for another principle.

But no, instead you start to solve the problem with super-gravity and break your head even more over highly complex multidimensional formations.What I see from this is that gravity is not even understood to a point, and the fact that there is no lasting measurable change in the field state left behind, is completely ignored. For this circumstance denies the change of energy.

Classical physics assumes normally in the changes of energy values that those changes take place through the reciprocal transfer of energy quantum, which becomes one potential more and the other less or vice versa.In the case of gravity, a search is made for particles that use this energy transfer or confirming this interaction. These quants are called gravitons and in the case of super-gravity, the gravitational inozone is added. All the quanta have a spin and additional ones move them all into multidimensional fields, so that the number of dimensions and energy reaches sizes that could then mathematically solve the problem 鈥?!if these things existed!

I think it would be a good idea to carry out a more detailed description of super-gravity here, because there is a simple way to understand the effect of gravity without substance, with which super-gravity, gravitation and gravitational ballast is completely superfluous in the solution of the problems.

A real changing effect has not even been proven to a point. Thus, the assumption of the existence of a gravitational or gravitational is still highly hypothetical and speculative.Given a lesser-known yet existing alternative to a completely different kind of change, the moving matter and its mass, super-gravity is pure speculation and any similar particles are illusory.

The alternative.
This alternative changes the directions of the inner movements of matter and that method does not require a substantial transfer of energy, but the directions of the inner movements are influenced in such a way that the movements are more or less vectorial Show sum speed.The energy needed for this is already present, but only not yet appropriately aligned in order to be measurable from the outside, but it only shows itself after the change of its inner directions of the movements.

So this is not an energy transfer and therefore no change or change.no interaction, because gravity does not undergo any changes, but only causes the change within the matter that moves through its field.

Given the obvious measurable quantities and verifiability of this alternative, it is incomprehensible why science ignores such considerations.For the many known changes in the directions simply remain fallow, without even beginning thinking about the fact that not only the speed, but also the direction of the movement of the particles elementally involved in a composite play a role. Plays.

Such a compound will call matter and the entire directions of all the particles involved, including their highest directions of their inner movements themselves, are the potential energy, which we call mass and of which only the dormant mass is known.But not those forces that hide in their directions. Whereby that potential energy is mathematically precise as the missing component of the size that would be necessary for reaching the speed of light. The problem lies as only in the obsolete model of imagination of physics, which simply does not make it possible to understand what mass and matter are.

What is a bonitistic management effect.

It is an alternative model of consideration of matter and mass, which describes the dependence of the directions of movements in gravitational fields.

Matter is a composite of elementary particles that attract each other gravitationally and keep each other electromagnetically at a distance and therefore orbit each other.No particle involved can ever maintain its spatial position in this composite, because that part would thus not experience any changing effect of time in the present. The particle would come to a standstill and such a process alone would simply be akausal.

The particles correspond to the list of fermions and of these two particles without mass are listed.Those parts are basic particles of which one is called a photon and the other is called gluon. Wherein the gluon is also a photon, but exclusively in the context of a composite the property has to bind the other involved parts to itself or. to glue them together.

The rest of the fermions are also basic particles, which are not exclusively concerned with the usual straight-forward motion, which should ultimately be the speed of light, if other effects would not affect the directions of the movement.That obstructing effect to reach the speed of light, which we call mass.

The mass is thus a fundamental opposite effect of a straight-forward movement.You can imagine this as a horse team with two horses, where one of the horses just doesn’t run in the same direction. Thus, the team does not receive the possible speed of any horse, but only the vectorial sum of all directions and velocities.

Thus, if the movements are bound to each other, then predictability is only given if the involved movements have a constant velocity and that is the speed of light.This means that no other velocity of the participating particles will ever have a different velocity.

I now take my said horse team with two horses.If the two horses pull together into a single correct and move at the same speed, then e.g. two horses with a force of 2 hp move towards 3 o’clock for example. Despite greater strength, however, the speed of the team never gets greater than a horse, because no horse can get faster. But now it is the case that the team can carry twice as much weight as a team with only one horse and that is the crux of the matter, which we will bring up again later. Now we reduce the traction and let one of the horses run towards 11 o’clock (here on the diagram violet bold 330掳 and dashed 30掳 at 1 o’clock), so the 3 o’clock horse is slowed down, because the other direction does not point to the same destination.

Without making great effort in vector mathematics, I illustrate what I want to say as follows: The center of the opening angle of the two directions of motion determines the speed and that will never exceed the speed of light in the diagram.

However, the acting forces of the two horses cannot be discussed away.

Where is this power? Bums, bangs, peng,- and we are back at the crunch point, because that is the mass that adheres to that horse-drawn cart. A singular team of a cart and a horse never have another horse that we could call mass. But with two horses, that’s pretty much the normal case.

So, a team, a horse and a cart, that’s a massive photon, where only one force works in one direction.All other forms have mass, or rather, they are somehow prevented from aiming in a single direction. So every other horse can only have mass and the fact that it is always the plural, that is the one that necessarily ’causes’ the mass. And Peter Higgs would now be startled to realize that the difference lies only between plural and singular. Here it is only the 2nd horse on the wagon and elsewhere the scholars try to explain this connection by means of the particle of the gods.

So, yet an additional 3rd horse increases the mass and thus the team represents an object-composite, which we then want to understand as matter, which can then also be an atom.

And now it should be clear how all things move around a common pivot.

And so all blue directions and movements form a red sum of directions and movements. So the red arrow is then the one that we perceive in a completely simplified way. That the inner movements work solely with the speed of light, that should now also be clear. If this were not the case, a mathematical refutation of this bonitistic interpretation would be child’s play. But the scholars have not yet been able to do that either. The belief in Einstein is still too great for this, although he did not really say anything concrete about it.

Gravity is the cause of the change in the direction of movement.
Gravity does not change when the mass of an object changes.As a rule, we only notice a change in the direction of movement or an increase in speed. And now it should be clear that changing the direction of a movement has another cause that describes much more complex movement sequences. Now the inner processes of the inner parts come to bear, which are all particles orbiting themselves, like the ones I have already described under mass and matter.

So those parts are constantly going through gravitational field parts that are shortened with 1/r2 towards the center of the field.The differences in the way to the centre add up and since the way to the centre is shorter, they are now earlier towards the centre than just straight ahead. Photons, on the other hand, do not circle, but move completely one-dimensionally straight through the gravitational landscape, like any bird that does not fall down immediately because the valley is a little deeper. For example, photons show almost no deviations to extremely small, because in the end long distances are enough to leave their mark.

… let’s see what’s left of questions,
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