What is something you will never forgive your parents?

My parents have never done anything so bad that I couldn’t forgive them.

My life has gone as it has been, and it doesn’t help me to go around in the past for my future.After all, my obsession has made me who I am today, and I certainly wouldn’t want to change that.
I’m sure my parents (who got me relatively early) raised me as well as they could.

But,there’s one thing I’ve been thinking about lately and talking to my parents.
It’s that even as a young child I was always a bit different from my peers.And I’ve always felt different, never even a part of it. I mentioned that at the time, but of course I couldn’t know why, just like my parents. This feeling of being different never went away and that led to me always being very sad in primary school and developing a real self-hatred over the years. In secondary school, I’m everywhere. No self-confidence, no sense of self-efficacy. Something had to be wrong with me. It went so far that I self-injured myself and so on and so forth, tragic story. (In the meantime, everything is tutti)

Recently a friend sent me this link:
begabt-hochbegabt.info – Gifted Girls & Women

And I almost fell off the chair!

Highly talented girls react differently to under-demand than boys.While boys are more likely to carry the frustration outward, girls internalize their grief and develop depressive symptoms.
So far, so good.That doesn’t have to mean anything.

I clicked on the next tab To Recognize High Talent >> High-flying in children.I had all the “symptoms.”

I read the signs to my mother and asked her if she was familiar.She affirms in the affirmative. I ask her if she can think what the signs are. She responds to “high talent.”

I was angry.She had noticed that I was not like the other children. Why did she do nothing? Even if she had not come to the immediate conclusion at the time that her child was above average intelligent, would a child of primary school age with depressive symptoms have been sent to the psychologist? I confronted her with it and it hurt her. Their reasons for their behaviour do nothing here.

My parents know they could have done a lot of things differently.
They could have spared me a lot, a lot of suffering if they had handed me into professional hands early enough.Even if I hadn’t been highly gifted (which is still not certain, as I haven’t been tested yet), you could have done something about the symptoms and prevented my mental state from worsening.

But what’s the point?In the end, everything went well.
Through my many negative experiences with my peers, I have become the strong, great person I am today, and I would not trade those experiences for anything in the world.
In the end, I can be somehow grateful to my parents for not researching the causes.

Nevertheless, if parents are reading this and your child has symptoms described on the website, have them tested.
I did not kill myself, but there would not have been much missing from some points.
It is important that your child gets to know his or her potential and value.
A child should never have to feel wrong.

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