What is something you just realized?

I’ve seen something recently, and it’s unbelievable.I’ll tell the story first and then I’ll tell you what I’ve achieved today.

  1. A woman named Syd tried on an evening dress and accidentally sent this message to the wrong number.


Tony, who is a father of six, replied with this message:

I think this message was for someone else.

My wife is not at home, so I can’t hear her opinion about the dress. But me and my kids think you look fantastic! You should definitely take it.

3.He also sent a picture of five of his children approving the dress.


The sweet chat later went viral on Twitter. But it had some unexpected consequences.

Syd accidentally sent a picture of her dress to the wrong number and got this answer


It turned out that little Kaizler, the second youngest child, was missing from the photo because he was in his chemo clinic:

I hope Twitter’s magic works.

Here is the GoFund me link to pay donations for Kaizler’s medical bills.

Kaizler is a handsome 4-year-old boy with curls that blow in every direction.He is the second youngest child of 6 brothers and sisters.

6.But this accidental text now helps this boy get the treatment he needed:

7.Since the post went viral, more than 35,000 dollars have been raised for his treatment.

You since very generous.

Here’s a thumbs up for Kaizler!

So what I realized is that everything that happens happens happens forever.Life is beyond our imagination and anything could happen. So always be positive about your life.

Source: Woman Accidentally Texts Wrong Number Asking For Advice On Dress, Doesn’t Expect To Change This Boy’s Life

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