What is so special about the light that its speed is considered a cosmic speed limit?

The special thing about a photon is that it is the building block of all the substantive things of this universe.These photons are the cosmic horses of my following metaphor.

The highest speed determines the fastest horse on the cart.

But it can’t always be so fast when the other horses have to pull behind them or not all horses run in the same direction.

I think that with the horses should be sufficiently understood.But in physics this or similar question is asked over and over again with regard to the absolute constancy of the speed of light. The velocity consists of two elements, space and time, the real relations between them cannot yet be fully described by the current standard model of elementary physics.

The problem, then, is the standard model of the subject matter, which absolutely needs to be revised.I want to describe this roughly now, then maybe you can understand it. But this is certainly not the wisdom of the standard model of physics, but it is clearly more plausible and does not limit the horizon of your analytical mind.


The carriage and the horses – The association of the participating parts.
If several horses (parts) are bound to a wagon (reference point), then you can consider this as a means of transport, which can have a certain speed.I can see the whole thing as a composite of individual parts that moves. If some horses are quite stubborn and want to run away left or right all the time, then it will certainly be necessary that there is a coachman on the wagon, who directs all the horses in one direction, so that the car can use the maximum speed to move forward. come. If every horse is the same speed, then no horse can overtake faster or overtake the other, but they can pull more weight, which can quite prevent a single horse from being as fast as it could have been completely alone.

And just such a single unbound horse is a photon.The basic model of all objects in this universe. This photon only moves at the speed of light. It simply cannot do anything else, because the law of energy conservation forces the photon to follow the formula E=hf.Any further variant of the substantial form of being differs in that it has a mass and that particle thus has a property that prevents the movement from becoming faster than the unbound photon. And that is precisely why I now have to describe matter in more detail, that is, the things tainted with mass.

Now imagine, we are talking about matter and now we are looking at the submicrocosm of the smallest particles.Matter and atoms have one thing in common, they are parts of a whole that are in a relatively narrow area of space, which I now understand simply as a particle-composite.

Quantum theory uses at this point the idea of a cloud of the currently unidentifiable whereabouts of all the parts involved, the Heisenberg cloud of indeterminate probabilities.I can’t really determine every item now, but an idea of the location distribution can be illustrated, where the parts are located on an imaginary orbit.

Shown this way, I can now see exactly which particles are WHEN and WHERE is and in which direction it is currently moving.

And basically I can also set the speed at the speed of light and thus have a vector whose sum of motion can never have the speed of light if not all the parts involved move in the same direction. As drawn, there is only the sum of speed and direction drawn here as a red line.

The thickest problem is the constant change of particles and their vectors.And it becomes even more complex when the particles involved are also subdivided into subparticles, such as quark or leptons with inner swirl+spins. Because the inner rotation of this composite has a special strong effect in a gravitational field. Because every movement that passes through a field of unequal track lengths experiences a distance difference that is extremely small, but if repeated often enough, then something like this can add up to a measurable difference. And the inner rotations around themselves or the mutual circumference of all the parts involved is therefore a constant summation of all route differences. But by no means are these the actually expected distance lengths of the inner movements, all of which move in a common direction.

Depending on the rotational frequency, size and direction of motion of the particle, the resting mass thus has a different value and thus also a different vectorial sum of the velocity and direction.As a composite of matter in atoms, this can only become more complex. But everyone should now realize that the inner movements will continue to run only at the speed of light, but all the directions involved will never go in the same direction.

So the essential is the direction of movement, which is obviously given a little too little attention, because the direction of movement is the interacting greatness, which is transmitted without substance and which all the world has so far searched in vain.

But how the speed of light is kept constant is written on another sheet orI explained in my blog.

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