What is so bad about the Forum for democracy? Why does everyone on social media so dramatic about the election results? (I don’t know much about Dutch politics)

In The Netherlands there are 17 million people and 20 million opinions.
Of course, these opinions must be expressed, because an opinion without a platform is so boring.And so many people step on the virtual soapbox.

I let it pass to me, my social media circle is small on Facebook and political discussion I see little on LinkedIn.I am also not a big user of social media. I have read the FvD party programme early this morning[1 , I had some time and this question is open.
FvD comes to me as a party with a very right-hand approach, where we have to divorce politically right and what is right in the popularly.

Politically right and politically left you can separate by looking at the principle of starting.The politically right-wing theorem is: I hold up my own crap. The left theorem is: we arrange that your crap will be cleaned up.
This translates to the right side in a small government, and on the left side to a fairly extensive welfare state.
From this perspective, immigration issues can also be viewed.If a group of immigrants cleans up their own crap, right them, if others have to clean up the crap then find right that they may mess up somewhere else.

What I think is a concern is that I get the impression that some of the voters do not know well what the central premise of the FvD is, namely a smaller government.If this is turned into policy, it means that people can really cap their own beans and not fall back on a government that regulates matters for them. I am afraid that for a significant proportion of the voters the grass on the other side will always be greener.

Yet there is little news under the sun.These types of messages were also around Pim Fortuyn[2.The dissatisfaction that prevailed with the voters of Livable and later LPF[3 has apparently not been taken away.It seems that we cannot expect the incumbent governments to dispel this discontent, and the total of voters makes a move away from the left spectrum, with which only a party like FvD is an alternative.
I see that some people expire in terms that go towards Fascism[4 and the years 芒 鈧劉 30 in Germany, but that is not or much less to be said here, although there is strong polarisation around immigrants.

I would say: FvD has said a lot, now give them the chance to make it true.
And otherwise specifically indicate which part of their electoral program you are worrying about, and for what reason.


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It is nonsense to do dramatically about the profit of Forum.The established parties have simply ignored a number of things for too long. They have explained migration to taboo subject and climate to a topic on which the Netherlands must manifest itself as a country as a guide.

If, as a political person, you ignore what really lives among the people, then there is someone who will address such subjects.People like Fortuyn, Wilders and Baudet are part of a democratic mechanism. Many voters feel they are being ignored by The Hague. This political arrogance is now being punished.

Whether Baudet is suitable as prime minister does not matter, but his attendance is yet another signal than the people dissatisfied with what Baudet calls the party cartel.Someone like Rutte has probably believed for too long that he can continue to sell brute law policies with a smile. That keeps up once.

So I see Baudet as a signal and certainly not as a political messiah.Of course We See the same thing in the US, in Italy and Austria. In France, this dissatisfaction has led to Macron, which is a completely different type, but he is dissatisfaction with the old parties. The political dissatisfaction manifests itself there via Gillettes Jaunes.

That is indeed a mystery, the extreme right-wing popusts-whether it was Fortuyn, Wilders or Baudet, they have for decades accumulated all together no more than 17% of the votes-usually less than 15%.The attention to this minority is therefore exaggerated-in any case on the basis of their followers.

They are problematic and they are angry with everything that is Dutch: the assertion is that there is a people, that people have a homogeneous opinion and homogeneous interests.And that’s crazy enough very quickly quite extreme opinions and relatively petty civil interests.

It is of course quite weird to argue with such a small followers that you speak on behalf of a homogeneous people.

If you try to consider it from a distance (socio-historical), then the following is up.

The notions left-right have shifted the last decades of significance . In The years 60 and 70, “left” fought against the then “right-wing” elite and cartel.

That struggle was so successful that from the mid-year 80 “left” itself became the social-culture elite and Status quo.Left alone has not yet passed through. This includes a pattern of values that has been given an almost religious load. FvD now challenges this socio-cultural elite and status quo and the semi-religious values pattern and beliefs. That leads to the chained reactions as we know those of established, and by a higher purpose sanctioned, orders (everywhere and at all times).

Links can now be better defined as “globalistic”, right as “non-globalistic”.

Depends on how you look at it.Most people who vote on the FvD, at least I know, do so because of viewpoints about energy, they find that green too expensive.

The problem that other people see again is that other forms of energy run out, either very dangerous and risky.

However, some other people play even more.Some do not look at the views, but to trigger the character of the list. Baudet has made hateful remarks in the past, also derogatory remarks to his present ex-girlfriend. I am not a psychiatrist, but you could derive from it that Baudet suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. From cluster B personality disorders There is one thing you can expect, namely a lot of drama.

In any case, it makes good television and the emergence for provincial states in some provinces has risen for the first time to above 50%.In itself is special. Not everything is so bad.

But if that suspicion is correct then politics has to do with a dark triad personality and those are very damaging to organizations they work in.That promised not much good in the States general and much, as you have seen with for example the LPF years back.

More can be played.If you are already looking at energy alternatives such as nuclear energy, it has also been a proposal within the Limburg group of the PVV. For example, countries that have actually been supported for the construction of new plants are in white Russia. There is also a suspicion of Front National in France that this party greenhouse is characterized by foreign influences (read Putin). FvD has conducted a very strong but also very expensive campaign in the digital field.

All not so鈩?n nicely sketched image.Many FvD voters I know, both acquaintances, clients, and Collega芒 鈧劉 s are very nice and socially engaged people, but I also have the idea that they do not have this further. However, I realize that your image forms only based on the people you know, nor is it right.

Another thing that plays is that many also show a huge hatred towards parties like THINK.Incidentally, these are not too good parties, they have strong ties with Erdogan and they are not already stable, so I understand those emotions of anger, but I do not think that it is rational wise, you are guided too much by an enemy image. That will blur your perception, perhaps that which worries some people when seeing those results.

In 1980 there appeared a book by Bertram Myron Gross, titled 芒 鈧?艙Friendly Fascism芒 鈧? in which he prophetically, to now turns out, over the period 2010-2020 writes.He argues that 芒 鈧?艙the new fascism does not come with crochet crosses and concentration camps, but in three-part suits, flowers and 芒 鈧?艙likeable young men芒 鈧? The fascists have learned that with the first approach and those of the years after the Second World War up to 2000 not exactly the hearts of the people wins. That’s why they are going to do it differently and people will be stupid and forgetful enough to give them a 芒 鈧?艙second chance in this new approach. Ultimately, the result, the autocratic fascist/nazist state, will be the same.

With the PVV, everyone knows where it is: stupid growlet about those nasty foreigners who only come here for our wives, our work and at the same time for our benefits etc.Away with it.

Baudet and his club of spoiled millennials and late generation X芒 鈧劉 ers stands for exactly the same, only with a much friendlier and knapper face and wraps the views in vague present and nowhere clear what they want exactly now.

It is similar to Marine Le Pen and her dad, both stand for exactly the same things, only Navy has learned from the stupid behavior of her dad and understands that by calling those things openly you should not bring Hearts wins and EEA much more subtle , you want to bring back the glorious Nazi State or the local variant of it.

That is why.Remarkably, my very elderly mother told me a while back: 芒 鈧?艙that Baudet says exactly the same as Wilders, only a lot of Neer and civiliafder芒 鈧?

It will not have escaped many people that Baudet has a hang of extreme right-wing philosophies and unsavory types.From attending iron-covered pilgrimages (gatherings of Origins of Flemish Nazi芒 鈧劉 s) to debits of Lanre about 芒 鈧?虄omvolking芒 鈧劉, a theory that was also prevalent under Nazi芒 鈧劉 s. The examples are so clear that there can be no coincidence.

People with some historical awareness are alarmed.

That Forum for democracy would be one of the big winners was already well established for these elections.The party became false accused of racism, even of fascism and now the losers are saddened (remarkably enough except Wilders, who is the only one who gives a civilized reaction). I personally welcome this turnaround, although I have some distrust against Baudet芒 鈧劉 s interest in Flemish fascist manifestations and his choice for the alt-right politician Eppink. However, compared to the VVD, where every representative turns out to be a case of corruption and with D66, where all the reliability is also found, I am taking these reservations. The Netherlands was politically far away, and now there is a large cleaning.

Because many people are genuinely worried about things like care, education, affordable homes and such (leftist) viewpoints.

Happy with a VVD as ‘ elitist ‘, most people were not already.If then a party comes out of nothing, which also puts itself in the market as ‘ Elitairder Dan VVD ‘, it hurts many (especially those who are not in the modal-or-higher or box-3-paying segment).

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