What is seen today as the most effective form of advertising and is it actually the most effective, or is it just a misconception?

It is very much in the market you are working on, but in general word-of-mouth advertising is definitely the very best advertisement.

For companies that work in the illusionary world of the Internet, word-of-mouth advertising is also the very best advertisement, although it often goes from a sham to a word of mouth.A good example of this false advertisement are film stars who wear expensive designer clothes and pay for them as well. On YouTube, there are girls who randomly smear the lipstick or foundation on their face ‘ Oh, well say!… ‘

There is also a group of ‘ marketers ‘ ‘ strategy sellers ‘ who sell their ideas to advertisers, with the biggest empty head having the best ideas.But in the end, your movie should get a ‘ like ‘, with a ‘ Find me good thumb ‘ and your flimpje has to be shared, and this is the word-of-mouth advertising that turns all trades in. Sometimes it can just be a comic movie, while in fact it is a Coca Cola庐 advertising, with people not having this at all (brand recognition), but it remains word-of-mouth advertising.

If you work in the real world, but also over the Internet, good products/services, good price, good delivery and good handling of complaints are your best advertisement.This is a universal law.

Get rich quickly is not there, but you can generate a stable demand.

There are several ways to advertise.We are companies that use much more digital marketing to make their products or services known to the general public.

Digital marketing is also very broad.Think of SEO, FB ads, Adwords, Instagram ads, influencer marketing and so I can still continue.

The core of marketing and sales is located in trust.The more reliable your business or product is, the more sales you will make. One of the best ways to create trust is if someone you trust recommends that product or service.

In this case, word-of-mouth, affiliate marketing and (Nano/micro) Influencer marketing will be the most effective.

I have made a video in which I show how you can achieve a good return without using these 3 effective ways by applying Facebook ads.

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Facebook ads are in my opinion the biggest growth opportunities at the moment.


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Depends on what you see as effective.With the right online marketing, for example, you can quickly reach and convince many people. You can also approach specific people with specific messages. This way you can use Facebook to appeal to men other than women, footballers other than basketball players and highly educated other than low educated. This allows ads to appeal to the target audience better.

You can test something Online with little budget.This allows small businesses to quickly become large by making campaigns profitable and volume up. This can therefore be very effective. For our customers (who are B2C) we usually use Facebook and Instagram Ads to help them grow for example.

But our own marketing agency (which does B2B business) should have it more from mouth to mouth and referrals.This works better for us. In addition, someone will get convinced quicker of a personal story of a acquaintances than by an advertisement. Some services and products require more. Which makes this possible also “more effective”. However, the scale and volume of this mouth on oral advertising is very smaller and less to influence.

Thirdly.Products with relatively little margin. Such as food and drink should usually have traditional marketing. Such as Coca Cola for example. They do very well with great awareness campaigns on TV (and online).

In short, it depends on how you effectively defined and for which you advertise.

There are a lot of different objectives and platforms available to advertise.It is therefore important that you have developed a thoughtful strategy. For example, you can advertise on search engines (Google, Bing, etc) or on social media like e.g. Facebook and Instagram. The intent of the spent time on different platforms plays an important role in how likely someone will pay attention to your ad. Let me clarify this with an example:

Someone who has lost his house keys is immediately looking for a locksmith and will search for this in a search engine on “Locksmith +” city “or something like that.It is therefore logical for the locksmith to advertise on Google. The same person will probably not start searching for a locksmith on Instagram, so in this situation it doesn’t make sense for the Slotemaker to advertise on Instagram.

When would it be interesting for the locksmith to advertise on social media?

There are a number of reasons for the locksmith to do this.For example, to introduce a new product/service which does not directly solve a problem, but which people may be interested in. For example, a check “how difficult it is for burglars to invade my house”.

It can also be very effective for certain products to use different platforms to facilitate the entire buyer decision journey.This works particularly well with more expensive products. For example an electric scooter. Initially on e.g. Google to advertise on “electric scooter + XYZ” You can lure people with a certain interest to your website. Then you can retarget the behavior that they show on the website through different channels. For example, if you want to retarget with a short video, you can choose to retarget these people via Instagram stories or Youtube.

Advertising can be super effective, but you need to know what you’re doing, another becomes very costly very quickly.

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Advertise on Facebook.You can be very well-targetting on many features!

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