What is one of the worst ways to die?

For me, the way John Jones, a 26-year-old medical student and father of 1 1/2 children, died.

John Edward Jones with his wife, who was pregnant at the time of the accident

Note: this answer can be disturbing to some, so reading is not recommended if you are particularly sensitive.

On September 24, 2009, John and friends and family took a trip organized by one of his brothers to the Nutty Putty Cave in Utah, popular among spelunkers.

John Jones and his brothers crawled around in caves with their father as children, and this adventure in the new cave was a bit like reviving old childhood memories.

To enter the Nutty Putty Cave you need a permit and must have cave experience, which was the case with all the participants of the group.

When the group entered the cave around 8 p.m., brothers John and Josh separated from the rest to look for a special challenge – a narrow but feasible passage called “Birth Canal.” Shortly thereafter, they too separated to search for him.

Entrance to Nutty Putty Cave System

Somewhere down there, deep in the branched tunnel system, John then – unknowingly – turned wrong, head-first into an unexplored arm of the cave system.

It went down slanted and it got tighter and tighter. Muddling back alone couldn’t go, and he couldn’t find a spot wide enough to turn around and crawl out again, so he crawled on. It had to go on somehow, others are also through, he assumed.

At some point the tunnel was only 45 cm wide and 25 cm high, but then suddenly ended and a narrow gap opened up in front of it in the ground.It didn’t go straight ahead, he couldn’t go back….so it had to go on somewhere.

So he forced himself vertically into the tiny gap to see if a slightly larger cavity would allow him to turn around and leave the tunnel towards the exit.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Claustrophobic narrow cave tunnel “Ted The Caver” / CreepyPasta

What follows is hardly to be outdone in terms of horror.

Rescuers suspect John pulled in his chest to scout the gap and push his torso over a rocky outcrop into the 25cm wide gap on one side.

When his chest expanded when he inhaled, he got stuck. The ensuing desperate struggle to get free again only allowed John to slide deeper and slide his body into the narrower side of the crevice. And his headlamp also fell off the helmet.

One arm was stuck under him, the other was forced backwards by a rocky outcrop, and further movements were no longer possible.

So John was stuck vertically in complete darkness, his head down, wedged down into a narrow, rejuvenating crevice, could no longer move and from the narrow opening above only his feet protruded into the narrow , low tunnel in.

Note: the feet on this fig.

are not John Jones

This scenario far surpasses my own worst nightmares of being helplessly stuck in a narrow tunnel somewhere and unable to get out, which I often had, especially at a young age.”Mercifully” I was at least always stuck in horizontal orientation in these nightmares, and somehow there was always some light.

When his 23-year-old brother Josh learned that his brother was stuck and then crawled down to him with his feet, he got stuck in the narrow tunnel, but was able to free himself.When he saw his brother’s feet protruding from the ground at the end of the tunnel, he was only shaken:

“Seeing his feet and how the rock had swallowed him, I knew it was serious,” he said. “Really very serious.”

Emergency services were called and Josh stayed with his brother to help him mentally, to talk to him, to carry his thoughts away from the situation and out of the dark cave.And they prayed together.

“I’m so sorry, Father, but please get me out of here.Save me for my wife and children,” John pleaded.

The human body is designed to walk upright.

Dough Murdock, the trauma medic who was on the ground, said: “With a headover position, the heart must constantly pump blood out of the brain,” he said. “The body is not geared to it, the whole system is starting to fail.”

Blood and fluid would accumulate in John’s brain and lungs.His circulation would slow down, blood would run out of his capillaries, toxins would accumulate in his blood, which could suddenly flow to the heart and kill him upon release. Murdock suspected that John was still about 8 to 10 hrs. would have to live.

So around half past 1 o’clock at night the first rescue force reached John’s position (there he was already about 3 hours.d below), who, to the question “How is it going,” pleaded: “Thank you for coming, but I really, really want to get out of here.”

Rescuers turned to be with him and talk to him as desperately all rescue options were gone through.For heavier machines to process the rock, the tunnel was too narrow, and chisels and drills were very slow and only partially effective. The hours progressed and John’s situation got worse and worse.

A rescuer from the Utah Cave Rescue Unit

John himself oscillated between crying, calm, coherent conversation with the rescuers, despair and wild, helpless beinging out of sheer panic.

Rescuers tried to pull him out of these deepest abysses with questions about his family.

And John began to lose contact with reality in the dark.

鈥?”Help me get out of here.I don’t want to be upside down.’

鈥?”Why did you put me in here?”

鈥?”I’m sorry I’m so fat.It would be so much easier for you to get me out of here if I wasn’t so fat.”

鈥?”That is shit; I’m upside down.I can’t believe I’m upside down.’

Everything was tried; However, it was also established that the tunnel ceiling was too low to pull Out John with the pulley system installed for the rescue without breaking both legs.But the shock it caused would kill him.

John’s voice, however, became weaker and more nasal, his breathing becoming heavier and heavier, you could hear that his lungs were filling with fluid.

They wanted to try it anyway, it was the last hope; Doctors were at the cave entrance and even managed to pull him out of his dark prison with the pulley system installed for the rescue… but then an anchorage broke loose, injuring the present rescuer in the face and John slipped back into his starting position.


“John, are you okay?”

鈥?”I’m going to die here.

I’m not going to get out of here, is I? “

He asked about Ryan (the injured savior).

鈥?”Is he doing well?I think he really hurt himself.’

Then John fell silent, and his breath slowed down.

Shortly before midnight on November 25, 2009, after 28 agonizing hours, John Edward Jones was pronounced dead.His body could not be recovered, the Nutty Putty cave became his final resting place. It has since been closed and access to it is no longer possible.

May the poor soul of this young man rest in peace.

Absolutely bad, tragic story.And for me definitely one of the worst possible ways to die.



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